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Latin American & Caribbean Studies

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program
presents a conference in Spanish

Retrospectiva de la Poesía Peruana, 1960-2000

and a poetry reading by the Award-Winning Peruvian poet Arturo Corcuera

May 3
Brower 102
6-7:30 p.m.

Arturo Corcuera has published the following books of poetry: Primavera triunfante, Las sirenas y las estaciones, Poesía de clase, Noé Delirante, Puente de los suspiros, Puerto de la memoria, Prosa de juglar, Sonetos del viejo amador. He has been awarded: the National Poetry Book Award, the José Santos Chocano Poetry Prize, the César Vallejo Poetry Prize, and the Casa de las Américas Award 2006 for his book A bordo del Arca.

For more information: Professor Miguel-Angel Zapata Email | (516) 463-4766

Latin American & Caribbean Studies