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Latin American & Caribbean Studies

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program
presents a conference in Spanish

Great Writers, Great Readings

a bilingual poetry reading by Antonio Cisneros

Monday, October 1, 2007 - 7 p.m.
Cultural Center Theater, Axinn Library, First Floor

Peruvian poet and Professor Antonio Cisneros started his writing career in 1961 with Destierro, which is still regarded among the classics of Latin-American lyric poetry. His later writing focused more on political issues. Comentarios reales de Antonio Cisneros was aimed at the distortion of history by officials in his own country. His greatest success came in 1968 with the publication of Canto ceremonial contra un oso hormiguero, followed by 1972’s Como higuera en un campo de golf, Agua que no has de beber, Carlos Milla, Barcelona 1971, Como higuera en un campo de golf, INC, Lima 1972, 1st edition. Era, Mexico 1973, 2nd edition, El libro de Dios y de los húngaros, Libre 1, Lima 1978, Crónicas del Niño Jesús de Chilca (Ruben Darío Award) Premia, Mexico 1981, Agua que no has de beber y otros cantos, Monólogo de la casta Susana y otros poemas, INC, Lima 1986, Por la noche los gatos, Fondo de Cultura Económica, Mexico 1988, Poesía, una historia de locos, Hiperión, Madrid 1989, Material de lectura, UNAM, Mexico 1989, Propios como ajenos, PEISA, Lima 1989, 1st edition. Lima 1991, 2nd edition, Las inmensas preguntas celestes, Jaime Campodónicco, Lima 1992, 1st edition, Visor, Madrid 1992, 2nd edition. Poesía reunida, Editora Nacional, Lima 1996, among others. His publications in English are: The spider hangs too far from the ground, Jonathan Cape, London 1970, 1st. Edition. Cape Goliard, New York 1971, 2nd edition, The helicopters in the kingdom of Peru, Stand, London 1980, Land of Angels, Isle of Skye, Glasgow 1985, At nights the cats, Red Dust, New York 1984. In French: Chant ceremonial contre un tamanoir, Editions Unes, Paris 1989, Les grandes questions celestes, Cahiers de Royamment, Paris 1990. In Hungarian: Versei", Európa Könyvkiadó, Budapest 1978. In Dutch: Commentaren en Kronieken, Marsyas, Amsterdam 1982. In German: Gedichte, Vervuert, Frankfurt 1986.

Dr. Cisneros studied Literature at The University of San Marcos (Lima) and Catholic University (Lima)/ 1960-1965. He earned his PhD degree in Humanities (specialization in Literature) at the University of San Marcos. He has been a Professor at the universities of San Marcos (Lima, Peru), University of Southampton (England), Eötvos Lórand University (Budapest), University of California-Berkeley), and The University of Virginia, 1996. Some of his Distinctions as a poet are: National Poetry Award, 1965, Casa de las Américas Poetry Award, 1968, John Simon Guggenheim Scholarship, 1978 Rubén Darío Poetry Award, 1980 Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Scholarship, 1985 Host of the British Council in London, 1985 Host of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France in Paris, 1986, Civil medal of Lima’s Municipality, 1987 Host of the Abbey of Royamment (Paris), among others.

Sponsored by: English Department, Romance Languages and Literatures Department, and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. For more information, please contact Professor Miguel-Angel Zapata.

Latin American & Caribbean Studies