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Latin American & Caribbean Studies

Visiting Presidential Scholars Program at Hofstra University
A workshop seminar led by:


William H Wannamaker Professor of Literature, Romance Studies and Cultural Anthropology at Duke University

Globalization and the Decolonial Option

To attend the workshop, please register by submitting (via email or regular mail) the following application form on or before Monday, November 12th. Attendance to the workshop is free and lunch will be provided but space is limited and application form is strictly required.

Friday, 16 November 2007, Noon-1:00pm (Buffet Lunch) - 1:00-4:45pm (Workshop seminar)

Room: Business Development Center 246, at Axinn Library

Faculty members and Graduate students from Hofstra and from other Universities are invited to a research workshop to be led by Professor Walter Mignolo, William H. Wannamaker Professor of Literature, Romance Studies and Cultural Anthropology at Duke University. Professor Mignolo is one of the foremost scholars in the history and theory of globalization, colonialism, cosmopolitanism and Latin-American studies, and his work is relevant to colleagues and graduate students in many humanities and social sciences disciplines. Prof. Mignolo's web profile at Duke may be accessed at the following site: http://fds.duke.edu/db/aas/Romance/faculty/wmignolo

This workshop on "Globalization and the Decolonial Option" will use selected materials from the special double issue of the same name edited by Professor Mignolo for the journal Cultural Studies 21.2-3 (2007). All participants are invited to prepare by reading the following short essays in the Cultural Studies volume, which will provide the general framework for discussion:

  • Walter Mignolo, "Coloniality of Power and Decolonial Thinking" (155-167)
  • Anibal Quijano, "Coloniality and Modernity/Rationality" (168-78)
  • Arturo Escobar, "Worlds and Knowledges Otherwise: the Latin-American Modernity/Coloniality Research program" (179-210).
  • Santiago Castro Gómez, "The Missing Chapter of Empire: Postmodern Reorganization of Coloniality and and Post-Fordist Capitalism" (428-448).

Participants are also invited to select one or two further articles from the volume according to their own research interests, and to come to the workshop prepared to talk with, through or against the ideas advanced in those articles from their own research perspective. Participants will then explore how this project is currently, or might in future be, advanced in different research areas.

Further recommended reading not included in the volume includes:

Additional and related reading materials can be found in the online dossier of Worlds and Knowledges Otherwise, of free access, at the following link: http://www.jhfc.duke.edu/wko/dossiers/1.3/contents.php

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Latin American & Caribbean Studies