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Courses in Minor Program

Courses which, taken with the instructors indicated, count toward the LGBTQ+ minor:

LGBT 120 How Do You Say 'Queer' in Spanish? Gender, Sexuality, Identity and Citizenship Pepa Anastasio
REL 109 “Sex and the Body” Ann Burlein
HIST 178E “Sex, Sin & Kin in the Middle East” Mario Ruiz
ENGL 123 “Modern Anglo-Irish Drama” Pat Smith
ENGL 192L "Queer Literature in English" Pat Smith
FREN 180A “Gender and Narrative: Sexual Differences” David A. Powell
CLL 151 “Alexander the Great: Fact & Fiction” Steven D. Smith
PHI 181 “Topics in Philosophy: Sexual Politics” Amy Baehr
SOC 145 “Building Strong Communities: Organizing in Diverse Settings” Gregory M. Maney

Courses which could be arranged through an INS (individually negotiated syllabus) [course + LGBT 10]:

PSY 54 “Adolescent Psychology” Joe Scardapane