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MATH 70C - Computer-Aided Mathematics Collaborative Learning Environment (CAMCLE) is intended for students who withdraw from MATH 71 and who wish to augment their pre-calculus abilities before re-enrolling in MATH 71. The topics covered in this course are fundamental to the study of calculus.

Students enrolling in CAMCLE will be working semi-independently on several modules. Within each segment of a module, the student will be required to view selected videos and proceed to an on-line assignment on WebAssign. The student will then collaborate with another student and a student tutor on a task designed to promote verbalizing and solidifying mathematical reasoning, concepts, and skills. The student will take an assessment to determine the level of mastery of the material in the segment and readiness to move to the next segment. Within a 2-week period, the student will also meet with the CAMCLE Director to assess progress.

The course can be used in three ways (options):

  1. Review of requisite foundational material for those students who have withdrawn from MATH 71 or MATH 72 and plan to retake the course;
  2. Taken in lieu of MATH 50 for those students who need targeted individualized instruction as determined by MATH placement scores;
  3. Learn material for MATH 72 (Calculus 2) for those students who have taken Calculus 1 without material necessary for MATH 72.

For more information, see the FAQ.

If you wish to inquire about enrolling, please email Prof. Wayne or call (516) 463-7421.

CAMCLE Students