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Math Tutoring Center

301 Roosevelt Hall

Mathematics Tutoring Center Schedule  |  Final Exam Week Schedule

The Mathematics Department runs a free tutoring center staffed by undergraduates. No appointment is necessary. Just stop by with your textbook and homework, get to work, and ask your questions as they arise. The Center is open six days a week and serves students registered for MATH 6A, 40, 45, 50, 61, 61A, 71, and 72.

If you go when the Center isn't busy, you may have a tutor to yourself. During most times, however, the tutor will work with you for five minutes or so and then move on to other students, returning to you later.

Here are a few suggestions to help us help you.

  • When you arrive, please sign the sign-in sheet.
  • Ask specific questions. Don't just tell the tutor you're confused about everything. Pick particular homework problems you are stuck on or particular topics you want explained.
  • Sit with other students who are in the same course as you. A lot can be accomplished by working in small groups, and it makes good use of the time you're waiting for the tutor.
  • Avoid loud talking or distracting conversations when in the Center.
  • If you have any questions or comments about the Center, please direct them to Professor Behailu Mammo, 311 Roosevelt Hall, (516) 463-8693.