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ROTC Spring Awards Ceremony

May 12, 2011

The ROTC 2011 Spring Awards Ceremony was held on May 12, 2011, in recognition of ROTC cadets' outstanding academic achievements and professional development. The ceremony was held at the Guthart Theater, Axinn Library.

This year's recipients:

Platinum Medal Athletes: Cadet Lotspeich, Cadet Jacques

Gold Medal Athlete: Cadet Somplasky, Cadet Fanelli, Cadet Ford, D., Cadet Ford, T., Cadet Fredriksen, Cadet Morrison, Cadet Polan, Cadet Wiedenbaum, Cadet Grullon, Cadet Thelismon

Silver Medal Athlete: Cadet Nikides, Cadet Hughes, Cadet Barna, Cadet May, Cadet Tan, Cadet Woodring, Cadet Campos

Bronze Medal Athlete: Cadet Marciano, Cadet McGarry, Cadet Clements, Cadet Hlaka, Cadet deBoer

Battalion Commander's Award for Highest APFT: Cadet Jacques

Battalion Commander's Award for Most Improved APFT: Cadet Kalesavich

Battalion Commander's Recruiting Award: Cadet Miller

Superior Cadet Decoration Awards: MS I: Cadet Nikides; MS II: Cadet Somplasky; MS III: Cadet Fanelli; MS IV: Cadet Sweeney

Sergeant York Award: Cadet Clements

George C. Marshall Award: Cadet Thelismon

American Legion Awards: (Gold) Cadet Sweeney, (Sliver) Cadet Ford, T., (Bronze) Cadet Jacques

American Veterans Award: Cadet Barna

General Society of the War of 1812: Cadet Somplasky

USAA Spirit Award: Cadet deBoer

Sons of the American Revolution: Cadet Hughes

National Sojourners, Inc.: Cadet May

National Defense Industrial Association: Cadet Thelismon

Daughters of the American Revolution: Cadet Hutton

Daughters of the Founders and Patriots: Cadet Jacques, Cadet Tully

Hofstra Veterans Alumni (The SGM Churchill Award): Plaque to Cadet Campos

Veterans of Foreign Wars: Cadet Barna

Vietnam Veterans of America: Cadet Baumgartner

Military Order of the Purple Heart: Cadet Dunbar

Military Order of World Wars: (Gold) Cadet Dunbar, (Silver) Cadet Morrison, (Bronze) Cadet Hughes

Military Officers' Club of Long Island: $250 Scholarship – Cadet Harris

Military Officers' Association Award: Cadet Clements

Reserve Officers' Association: $500 Scholarship – Cadet Jacques

Medal/Certificate: Cadet Fanelli

Pershing Rifle Awards

Jewish War Veterans Patriotism Award: Cadet Omichinski
Ronald B. Midgette Leadership Award: Cadet Serrano
The Thomas F. Zvonik Brotherhood Award: Cadet Jacques
Benjamin Freed Devotion to Duty Award: Cadet Wiedenbaum
American Legion Post 958: Cadet Bravo