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The Philosophy department runs the Ethics and Human Values Center.  The goal of the center is to provide ethical analysis of and tools for addressing real-world issues in many different areas of life, bioethics and medicine, business, government, education, environment and sustainability, and other fields.  The Center sponsors events – informal discussions, speakers and other events -- throughout the academic year. We have run a discussion series on “Ethics on Campus”,  and on Social Responsibility and Business. The Center has also co-sponsored some campus-wide events on such topics as Cyber-bullying, Ethics and Sustainability, and Human Beings and Animals.

Spring 2012 Ethics at the Movies Schedule

The center has also started an “Ethics at the Movies” series in collaboration with Honors College and Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. We view a film and discuss the ethical issues raised in the film.  All are welcome!

Film screenings and events are announced through HOFCAST and flyers. Keep an eye out for them!

For more information contact the Philosophy Department, 516-463-5612, or via email

Fall 2010 Events

Heger Hall Lounge – First Floor, inside the double glass doors.

Wednesday, 10/6
Ethics on Campus: Living Responsibly on Campus
Living with others is a challenge. What ethical values are most important in the context of living in the residence halls? Honesty? Mutual respect? Empathy? Having a sense of community? What does that mean? What does it mean to “be considerate” if people have different living habits? Disagreements and conflict are inevitable – what values are most important in coming up with a fair resolution of conflict? Being a good listener? Seeing both sides? Appreciating diversity? What is the relationship between rights and responsibility?

Wednesday, 10/20
Ethics on Campus: To Copy or Not To Copy: Does it Matter?
Mashups, mixups, blogs, wikis. You can download and share mountains of material from the internet so easily, but when is copying creative use and when is it plagiarism? If you copy, how does citing and quoting your source make a difference? What is the difference between being a clever copy-er and using material you discover in a way that promotes learning?

Wednesday, 11/10
Axinn Library, Lower Level Lounge
Social Networking, Privacy, Bullying: Continuing the Dialogue, Constructively
We will extend the discussion begun earlier in the day at the event “Social Networking, Privacy, Bullying: A Constructive Dialogue with CNN’s Carol Costello”. We will engage in a dialogue with one another about the impact of social networks on our conception of privacy and how they may contribute to an alarming rise in “cyber-bullying” in America.

Wednesday, 12/1
Social Responsibility and Business: Profit and the Public Good
We will watch a short clip from the film “The Corporation” about how businesses are formed as corporations. A corporation is a legal entity created by a charter issued by a federal or regional government.  The charter defines, in a broad sense, the purpose for creating the corporation.  After watching the film clip, we will then discuss the purpose of corporations and the extent to which that does or should include  “social responsibility” or serving the public good in some way.

Other EHV and Related Events:

Wednesday, 9/15, 6-7:30
Axinn Library Lower Level Lounge
Human Values in The Pickup, the first year students’ common reading

Monday, 10/11, 11:15-12:40
Room: TBA
Human Beings and Animals in Community
Speaker: William Lynn, Geographer and Ethicist
For more information contact Ralph Acampora

Thursday, 10/14, 7-9:30
Monroe Lecture Hall
Sustainable Life: A Citizen’s Guide to Ethics and Sustainability
Speaker: Kathleen Wallace, Professor of Philosophy
An IDEAS event. For more information contact us via email

Wednesday, 10/27, 2:55-4:20
Axinn Library Room 246
Is God Green?
A Day of Dialogue Event. For more information contact us via email

The Philosophy Department’s Ethics and Human Values Series is cosponsored by Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Honors College the Center for Civic Engagement, and the Task Force for Integrity and Responsibility.