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Clinical, Research, and Teaching Interests

Note. All core faculty are accepting new graduate students for the forthcoming Fall Semester.
Note.  Due to the volume of requests all faculty members do not respond to inquiries from prospective applicants. 

Charles A. Dill, PhD
Professor of Psychology
1) Research design & analysis
2) Experimental personality research (self-regulation/behavioral initiation)
3) Quantitative Methods (General Linear Model)

Phyllis S. Ohr, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Director, Child and Parent Psychotherapy Services Clinic
Assistant Director of PhD Program (Externship Placement)
1) Emotion dysregulation and irritability in young children as predictors of different pathways to
internalizing and externalizing difficulties
2) Parent and child factors affecting treatment outcome in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
3) The efficacy of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy in treating young children with severe emotion
4) Addressing parental stress during Parent-Child Interaction Therapy using mindfulness

William C. Sanderson, PhD
Professor of Psychology
Director, PhD Program in Clinical Psychology (DCT)
Director, Anxiety & Depression Clinic
1) Treatment of anxiety disorders and depression
2) Cognitive appraisal and emotion
3) Evolutionary Psychology - implications for clinical psychology
(evolutionary psychopathology, theory of human nature)

Joseph R. Scardapane, PhD
Assistant Provost
Executive Director, Joan and Arnold Saltzman Community Services Center
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology
Director, Psychological Evaluation and Research Counseling Clinic
Director, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Clinic
Team Leader, Dialectical Behavior Therapy Clinic
1) Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
2) Dialectical Behavior Therapy
3) Mindfulness Meditation

Mitchell L. Schare, PhD, ABPP
Professor of Psychology
Board Certified in Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology
Director, Phobia & Trauma Clinic
1)Treatment of Phobic & Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders with Exposure Therapies
2) Application and Efficacy of Virtual Reality Technology to Treat Phobia & PTSD
3) Self-help and Motivational Interviewing Approaches for Nicotine Cessation Therapy

Mark R. Serper, PhD
Professor of Psychology
Director, Serious and Persistent Mental Illness Program
1) Psychological Mechanism in Psychosis
2) Substance Abuse in Schizophrenia
3) Violence and Mental Illness

Erin F. Ward-Ciesielski, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Director, Suicide Behaviors Research Program
1) Suicide and suicidal behaviors
2) Treatment development and evaluation
3) Increasing treatment seeking and engagement

Our program has permission to hire a new core faculty member beginning Fall 2019 so we will have an additional core faculty member in place for the 2019 incoming class. The selection should be complete by interview day (February 2019).

In addition to the core faculty listed above (i.e., those whose primary responsibility lies in the PhD program), there are many other individuals at Hofstra who are involved in training students in our doctoral program (e.g., providing clinical supervision, participation on dissertation committees, providing research mentoring, coursework).

Emily Barkley-Levenson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology
1) Risk-taking and risky decision making in adolescence and early adulthood
2) Measurement of dopamine and its relationship with behavior (including dopaminergic disorders such as Parkinson's, Schizophrenia)
3) behavioral economics/decision making (e.g. loss aversion, framing, heuristics)

Kimberly Gilbert, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Director, Diagnostic and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders
1) Treatments for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (individual psychotherapy, social skills groups, parent training)
2) Assessment of children/adults with ASD
3) Language (Milieu Communication Therapy) and behavioral treatments for children and adults with ASD.

Dodie A. Gillett, PhD
Assistant Director of Intern Education and Training, Student Counseling Services
1) Treatment of emerging adults and college mental health
2) Anxiety and depression
3) Professional issues and ethics

John C. Guthman, PhD
Director, Office of Student Counseling Services

Craig A. Johnson, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
1) Social Psychology (including applications to clinical psychology)
2) Social Cognition (Prejudice, Intergroup Relations, Self- Concept)

Amy M. Masnik, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
1) Scientific reasoning
2) Numerical cognition
3) Cognitive development

Merry E. McVey-Noble, PhD
Assistant Adjunct Professor of Psychology
Assistant Clinical Director, Student Counseling Services
1) Treatment of anxiety disorders and Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders
2) Dialectical Behavior Therapy
3) College student mental health

Sarah A. Novak, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Adjunct Professor in the Masters of Public Health Program
1) The interrelation of relationship processes and health behavior
2) Perceptions of body weight and body image
3) Strategies to reduce stigma

Sheila C. Perino, PhD
Adjunct Professor
Supervisor, Psychological Evaluation and Research Clinic

Oskar Pineno, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology

Elisabeth J. Ploran, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Adjunct Assistant Investigator, Center for Autoimmune and Musculoskeletal Disease, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
1) Memory and spatial cognition
2) Use of games as interventions
3) Applied cognition

Keith Shafritz, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Department Chairperson
1) Biological etiology of neurodevelopmental disorders, especially ADHD and autism
2) Executive function and decision-making
3) The manner in which emotion influences decision-making processes

S. Stavros Valenti, PhD
Professor of Psychology
Senior Associate Dean, Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
1) The ecology of social behavior and development
2) Career interests in adolescence and emerging adulthood
3) School absenteeism

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