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Psychology Undergraduate Honors Thesis Archive

Please click on a link to view an honors thesis in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


Jennie Brill
Exploring "Stealth Health:" Testing the Effects of Information and Healthy Ingredients on Expectations, Taste Perceptions, and Consumption

Kayla Burd
Impact of Interview Style and Timing of Expert Testimony on Mock Jurors’ Perceptions of Child Sexual Abuse Interviews

Kye Poronsky
Effects of Childhood Weight Bullying on College Students' Current Psychological Well-Being


Angela Coppola
Are the associations between weight bias, health behavior, and psychological well-being the same for female athletes and non-athletes?


Michael DiBiase
Novel Conceptual Combination in Individuals and Groups


Janice Galizia
Compulsive Hoarding in the OCD Population (2006)


Gayle Kaminsky
Children's Category Inferences and Mechanisms (2005)

Zandra D'Ambrosio
Effects of transgressor attractiveness on forgiveness depending on both participant gender and transgressor gender (2005)

Nicole Friedman
Relationships Among Maternal Achievement Motive and Anxiety and Children's Academic Performance and Anxiety Levels (2005)


Kristen Duffy
Scientific Literacy in the Popular Press: How Manipulating Data Affects Perception of the Topic Presented (2004)

Jaime Ferraro
Do the Cues that Relieve a Tip of the Tongue State Depend on the Cues that Elicit Them?

Zach Lynn
The Effects of Negative Priming and Time Pressure on Creative Problem Solving (2004)

Holly Seaman
Attribution Theory and Weight Loss: The Effect of Situational Inducement on Perceptions of Weight Loss (2004)


Michele Owens
Gender Differences, Job Demandingness and Job Type Factors in Pay Expectations of Others (2003)