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Major in Italian

Italian Studies and Italian American Studies

The Minor in Italian and Italian American Studies is an interdisciplinary program exploring the variety and richness of contemporary Italian and Italian American Culture. The program offers courses on cinema, the graphic novel, food culture, the visual arts, popular music and literature. The course of study is supplemented by a study abroad program in Florence, the annual Italian Experience festival in September, the Italian American Lecture Series, the office of the Association of American Educators, and the Queensboro UNICO Distinguished Professorship in Italian Studies and Italian American Studies.

Program Requirements
Italian Studies and Italian American Studies
  • Faculty

    Simone Castaldi
    Assistant Professor of Italian
    319 Calkins Hall
    (516) 463-5488
    Email | Bio

    Pellegrino D'Acierno
    Professor of Comparative Literature,
    Inaugural Queensboro UNICO Distinguished Professor of Italian and Italian American Studies
    Office: 322A Calkins Hall
    Phone: 516-463-6974
    Email | Bio

    Michael D'Innocenzo
    (516) 463-5606
    301B New Academic Building
    Email | Bio

    Ilaria Marchesi
    Associate Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature
    304 Calkins Hall
    Email | Bio

    Stanislao Pugliese 
    Professor of History
    Queensboro UNICO Distinguished Professor of Italian and Italian American Studies
    (516) 463-5611
    307 New Academic Building
    Email | Bio | WWW

    Gregory Pell
    Associate Professor of Italian
    (516) 463-5437
    310 Calkins Hall
    Email | Bio

    Lori J. Ultsch
    Associate Professor of Italian
    (516) 463-4519
    310A Calkins Hall
    Email | Bio

    Maria L. Fixell
    Director, Hofstra in Venice
    Study Abroad Program
    107 Roosevelt Hall
    Hempstead, NY 11549
    (516) 463 4765

    Mary Anne Trasciatti
    Associate Professor, Rhetoric
    408 NAB
    (516) 463-5427
     E-mail | Bio

  • Contact Us

    For more information on the minor in Italian studies or Italian American studies, please email:

    Dr. Simone Castaldi

    Associate Professor of Italian


    Dr. Gregory Pell

    Professor of Italian


    Dr. Stanislao Pugliese

    Professor of History


    Dr. Lori J. Ultsch

    Associate Professor of Italian


  • Program Requirements

    The program consists of the successful completion of 18 semester hours of required and elective courses listed below and six hours in residence. Substitutions for and additions to the courses on this list, (i.e., HIST 177/178) may be made with the approval of the Italian Studies Advisory Committee.

    Visit the Hofstra Bulletin for a full listing of required courses and electives.

  • Academic Resources

    The Queensboro UNICO Distinguished Professorship in Italian Studies and Italian American Studies

    UNICO is the largest Italian American service organization in the United States. Queensboro UNICO, a private non-profit organization, is composed of individuals of Italian ancestry dedicated to preserving Italian heritage through various cultural programs. In an effort to preserve Italian American culture in a positive light, a group of Italian American businesspeople have joined forces with Hofstra University to create and endow in perpetuity the Queensboro UNICO Distinguished Professorship in Italian Studies and Italian American Studies. The Distinguished Professorship was first held by Dr. Pellegrino D’Acierno. Hofstra History alumnus Dr. Stanislao Pugliese currently holds the position.

    Queensboro UNICO has also endowed a scholarship for a Hofstra University student studying Italian, Italian studies or Italian American studies.

    Association of Italian American Educators

    Hofstra University is home to the Association of Italian American Educators, located in the Department of History, 321 New Academic Building, South Campus.

    C.I.A.O. (Cultural Italian American Organization) is the student-run Italian club. Contact the group at hofstraciao@gmail.com, follow them on Twitter at HofstraCIAO or visit hofstra.collegiatelink.net/organization/hofstraciao.

  • Italian American Experience Lecture Series

    The Italian American Experience Lecture Series, presented by the Hofstra Cultural Center, began in 1996. The lectures, organized by Dr. Stanislao Pugliese, focus on a different cultural theme every fall and spring semester. The series is currently sponsored by AIAE (the Association of Italian American Educators) and the Long Island Regional Chapter of the Italian American Studies Association.

    The Lecture Series current schedule.

  • Study Abroad

    Please note that due to the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the impact of Coronavirus in our community and around the world, Summer Abroad 2020 has been canceled. We will provide information for future Study Abroad programming as soon as possible.

    For further information about the program or to obtain an application, please contact the Provost’s Office at 516-463-5400 or via email at provost@hofstra.edu