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The Department of Sociology in the Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences gives its students a comprehensive education in the study of society and human interaction. Through coursework and hands-on participation in scholarly research, our students develop the critical reasoning and theoretical, analytical and communication skills needed to understand and address social problems and inequalities in global, institutional, and interpersonal social relations. Our graduates often pursue advanced degrees and go on to successful careers in fields including business and marketing, the health professions, journalism, the criminal justice and legal systems, social services, nonprofits, politics and government, and higher education.

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Highlights of the Department of Sociology's programs include:

  • A diverse and experienced faculty of award-winning, published scholars and researchers who work on important initiatives about human rights, gender, racial and sexual equality, human trafficking, immigration, labor rights, and sustainability, among others.
  • Collaboration with the campus Center for Civic Engagement, where you can minor in civic engagement and intern for academic credit with community partners such as the Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives, Advocates for Community Health, and the Workplace Project.
  • A campus chapter of the Alpha Kappa Delta international sociology honor society
  • Opportunities to conduct in-depth research on news-making projects such as a recent study on human trafficking, which was headed by a professor who sits on a White House panel about the subject.
  • An undergraduate major and minor in Criminology, which features a lecture series on subjects such as forensic linguistics, anger management, restorative justice techniques, and wrongful convictions.

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Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Professor William Mangino
205A Davison
Phone: (516) 463-5646

Cathy Jenkins
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Phone: (516) 463-5640

New Programs in Criminology



To our students:

We, the faculty of Criminology and Sociology, want you to know that we are dedicated to the principles of racial equality and social justice.

Over the years, we have witnessed the growing militarization of the police in the United States. Hofstra’s Criminology Program, housed in the Department of Sociology, is committed to not only studying and teaching about this trend, but also to dismantling the structural tools that have supported our society’s continued descent into fascist state control. The marriage of white supremacy, white nationalism, and hyper-policing have crafted a system that not only predetermines racialized people as a threat, but has also put into place a system of impunity for those who enact disproportionate violence on our nonwhite neighbors. We see this with the brutal killing of George Floyd by asphyxiation; the gunning down of Breonna Taylor in her own home; and the failure to de-escalate the transphobic hostilities that ultimately led to the fatal, state-sanctioned shooting of Tony McDade. 

We see this militarization today, with the police violence that has erupted in response to largely peaceful protests nationwide. 

We are deeply concerned that our country meets peaceful marchers with armored vehicles and tanks; that meets the tears of grief-stricken citizens with tear gas; that silences free speech with curfews, threats and deflection. 

We mourn the loss of the 1,000+ people who are killed by police in any given year in this country – a number far greater than any other country with no official war on its soil. Importantly and quite especially, we mourn the loss of Black Americans who disproportionately perish while unarmed and nonviolent. 

The Criminology program was founded as a critical program, devoted to the identification and analysis of systemic injustices. We proclaim that Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity with Black communities worldwide, including those within the Hofstra community. We stand in solidarity with the growingly multiracial coalition of protesters throughout the country. 

We must do more, much more, to fight racism that is endemic to every institution of our country. Out of this crucible we must all become better by listening, learning, empathizing, reaching out to others and resisting systemic injustice. 

The Criminology and Sociology programs are determined to fight racism and inequality. We are determined to increase accountability. That begins at home; therefore, we welcome your comments, ideas and desires for our growing program.  

In solidarity,
The Criminology and Sociology Faculty.