NCPTW 2017, Hofstra University

Reaching Out: Revising Writing Center Spaces and Identities

NCPTW 2017

Hempstead, NY | October 12-15

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Hofstra University

The Hofstra University Writing Center is pleased to host NCPTW 2017, Reaching Out: Revising Writing Center Spaces and Identities.

Our invitation to focus on "reaching out" considers the various ways Writing Centers connect with stakeholders on our campuses, in cyberspace, and through research. Our Centers reach out to students we support, tutors we recruit, and faculty and administrators we wish to persuade. The extended theme of "Revising Writing Center Spaces and Identities" further seeks to generate inquiry, conversation, and debate about defining the spaces in which we practice. Our Centers value and revalue the literacies of both tutors and those who visit our spaces, allowing us to consider the reciprocal relationships between the identities of our Centers, our tutors, and the writers we support. Tutor-researchers are at the center of this work, recursively revising their Centers' practices and pedagogy, through the creation of "new knowledge about writing and about tutor research" (Fitzgerald and Ianetta v).

The keynote speakers for this conference will be Lauren Fitzgerald and Melissa Ianetta, authors of The Oxford Guide for Writing Tutors: Practice and Research.

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