Department of Health Professions

Hofstra University’s Department of Health Professions prepares students to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals who can provide quality health care and service.  Our students learn about wellness, health promotion and disease prevention from an accomplished faculty in a collaborative environment, and gain hands-on training both on and off campus. We offer four undergraduate degrees: BS in Community Health, which prepares you for a careers in areas such as government health programs, corporate wellness, outreach education programs, hospitals and community clinics; a BS in Health Science, which is designed for students who plan to go on to graduate study in specialties including medicine, dentistry, nursing, nutrition, veterinary studies, and physical therapy; a BS in Athletic Training, which is designed to develop future professionals in the field of athletic training and prepares students to manage health care problems associated with physical activity; and a BS in Exercise Science, which prepares students for a variety of careers in exercise and health promotion such as Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, and Group Exercise Leadership.

The Department of Health Professions also offers opportunities for advanced study in our graduate programs in Health Administration, Health Informatics, Health Professions Education, Gerontology: Healthy Aging, Occupational Therapy, Public Health, and Sports Science.

Highlights of the department include:

  • Our programs include an interdisciplinary and broad program of liberal arts study
  • Minors in Community Health, Exercise Science, Nutrition Science, and Pre-Athletic Training Studies
  • Experiential learning through clinical internships or field experience opportunities, both on campus and at our growing number of affiliations and partnerships
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  • Athletic Training
  • Community Health
  • Exercise Science
  • Health Science


Attend a Graduate Admission Event
  • Health Administration
  • Health Informatics
  • Health Professions Education
  • Gerontology: Healthy Aging
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Public  Health
  • Sports Science