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In Focus: Marian Cooper

How did you become interested in Art Therapy?
I had no idea art therapy existed until I answered an ad for a book club on Craigslist my first year living in New York City. The book club was made up of several art therapists, music therapists, social workers, and lawyers. Throughout the course of this group, I learned a lot from these women and was able to go to shows and events and ask questions about what they do. This prompted me to want to learn how I could incorporate art into my social work counseling sessions.

What did you study in your undergraduate degree:
I studied Social Work for both my undergraduate and graduate programs. I have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in social work. I went to Baylor University in Waco, Texas for undergrad and NYU for my masters.

What brought you to Hofstra?
I had been working as a social worker for 9 years and was feeling burned out. I wanted to make a change and really started researching art therapy as a career and what I would need to apply to schools. I eventually came across Hofstra’s website and emailed the program director, who was able to answer all of my questions. I then came in to speak to her and see the campus. I chose Hofstra for its small class sizes and attentive staff.

What are the things you like about being a Hofstra CATC student?
I enjoy the access that we have to professors and their passion and interest in what they teach to us.

What is the best experience you had as a CATC student?
During my first year in the program, I was trying to figure out how to balance transitioning from my career to going back to being a college student, so I was not as active in events and outings. This year I have enjoyed getting to know my fellow students and participating in the offerings of the CATCH Program.

What populations do you like to work with?
I enjoy working with children and teens. Eventually, I would like to work with families impacted by trauma and family violence.

Marian Cooper

M.A. in Creative Arts Therapy Counseling ‘19
Houston, TX