Master of Health Administration

MHA - Master of Health Administration

The MHA program at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York offers an innovative applied-based curriculum in health services administration and management for future health and health care administration leaders. The MHA degree program draws on the expertise and resources of academic-based faculty and, uniquely, executives from some of New York’s leading health care institutions to enrich students’ academic experiences and provide them with a theoretical and applied foundation in health services administration. The MHA program offers students a wide array of field-based internships and practical capstone experiences, as well as opportunities to collaborate with other health professionals at Hofstra University and in the greater New York City and Long Island communities.

The mission of the MHA degree program is to educate future health care leaders to apply evidence-based practices and critical thinking skills toward the delivery, organization and management of health and health care services within culturally diverse environments. The applied nature of the program provides future and early health care administrators, as well as individuals employed within the health services industry, a comprehensive understanding of the core competencies and best practices required of today’s health and health care leaders. The program curriculum also helps develop the communication and critical thinking skills needed to address, manage, and overcome challenges in health care administration.

The 48 semester-hour MHA program is designed for aspiring and committed professionals who are interested in health services management and health care administration. Emphasis is placed on business management and organizational theories and practices, policy strategies, leadership principles, and financial and other business considerations as they relate to health and health care services and the development of effective communication and critical thinking skills. Opportunities to apply the knowledge attained in the classroom to practical settings and interactions with established health professionals are incorporated throughout the program.

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The Master of Health Administration program at Hofstra University currently holds "Candidate Status" with the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). Candidate status is an indication that a program in healthcare management has voluntarily committed to participate in a plan of self-improvement and is actively progressing toward the status of accreditation. Candidate status is not accredited status and does not guarantee eventual accredited status.

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