Master of Health Administration

MHA In Focus: Sarah Lewis

Tell us about your background and what lead you to be interested in the field of health.
I'm from Merrick, NY and graduated from Tulane University with a Bachelor of Science in 2012. I'm a full time graduate student, an administrative assistant at Parker Jewish Institute for Healthcare and Rehabilitation, starting an internship at North Shore-LIJ, Graduate Assistant for the MHA program, Vice President of Future Healthcare Leaders of Hofstra, and a national advisor for my sorority, Sigma Delta Tau! Right now I'm interested in long term care administration and strategic planning and am set to graduate from the MHA program in May 2014.

What made you pursue a Master of Health Administration?
I once read a quote, “Doctors make patients healthy, and Health Administrators make hospitals healthy.” I want to be able to change healthcare for the better and work my way up to manage healthcare facilities.

Why did you choose Hofstra’s MHA program? 
The professors in Hofstra’s MHA program are second to none. No MHA program has the caliber of professors and I look forward to every class so I can learn from CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and other high level healthcare executives in the field.

What are your long-term professional goals?
I still have so much learning and experience to gain, but right now I am interested in gaining skills and analytical ability to be able to assess, create, and effectively monitor a program that can increase patient quality while keeping healthcare costs at a minimum.

Which courses have you enjoyed the most thus far?
I have yet to start my internship, which is set to take place at North Shore-LIJ. My favorite courses have been Long Term Care Administration with Professor Stuart Almer, Health Policy and Legislation with Professor Jerry Hirsch, and Health Administration Leadership with Professor Fred Sganga.

Have you found mentors in the Department of Health Professions?
Yes, a few of my professors in the program have become mentors to me, especially Stuart Almer. He has become my mentor through my MHA experience and is always there for advice. I’m so grateful that I can learn from him in the classroom and at his facility!

What is your advice to students interested in Health Administration?
Read everything you can about the healthcare system. Keep up on current events and be a part of the Future Healthcare Leaders of Hofstra!

Sarah Lewis

Master of Health Administration ‘14
Merrick, NY