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Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences class

Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences In Focus: Thomas Recher '14

Tell us about your path to Hofstra University and why you decided to pursue the Audiology program.
When I was in elementary school, my brother played in a high school lacrosse playoff match at the James M. Shuart stadium. I remember daydreaming about one day attending Hofstra University. Fast forward to June of 2006: my high school graduation. That September, I stepped foot onto the campus and thus began my transformational journey. Starting out in the school of business, I switched paths and finished with a degree in speech language and hearing sciences. This led me to the Long Island Consortium of Audiology; a doctoral program of audiology which I will be graduating from in May 2014. I pursued Audiology because I realized in college how I was captivated by individuals who empower others to take charge of their own health. As an amateur musician who has a slight reduction in hearing, I too can now empower others with the knowledge about the damaging effects of noise. In addition, I can help others affected by reduced hearing by changing their quality of life through improved listening.

Tell us about your practicum experiences.
Throughout my graduate career, I have had seven practicum experiences. The first three were within the university clinics. These locations provided a safe environment to learn, where I cultivated some of my earliest clinical expertise. I then moved on to a private practice, Mineola ENT, where I learned how to balance different skills and improve my time management. After that, I worked at the St. Albans VA hospital where I had the privilege to administer complete hearing healthcare to men and women who served our country. Then, I worked at a private practice based out of a hospital in downtown Brooklyn, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, where I am also completing my final fourth year practicum. This last practicum has pushed me to grow and has greatly increased my confidence to empower others to take charge of their hearing.

Describe the benefits of studying at the consortium made up of Hofstra, Adelphi, and St. John’s.
Obtaining a doctoral degree in audiology through the Long Island Au.D. Consortium has been a unique experience. I have enjoyed the different teaching perspectives as well as the level of maturity and experience I have gained through juggling three very different academic environments.

What inspires you most about the profession?
I celebrate the fact that I am part of an increasing group of professionals who are passionate about their careers. I have met many people who are excited about what we do and look forward to improving quality of life for as many people as possible. In addition, I enjoy the challenge that comes with a profession that is constantly changing.

What are your goals for the future and how will the program help you reach them?
My goal for the future is to open my own practice. The program has helped me work toward that goal through a strong network of professionals who have been very supportive. I am most interested in working with adults who need hearing rehabilitation as well as educating as many people as possible about the importance of hearing and how it can be conserved.

What advice would you give others considering this program at Hofstra?
Formulate your own opinion and take everyone else’s with a grain of salt. Keep an open mind, and learn as much as you possibly can. Finally, never listen to someone who says “no” to your dreams.

I would also like to thank the entire faculty, as well as fellow students, who have helped cultivate my career. You all have been wonderful. I would like to especially mention to the following individuals whom I am especially grateful for crossing paths with: Dr. Jason Davidow, Dr. Doron Milstein, Dr. Levi Reiter, Dr. Rose N. Valvezan, and Dr. John Weigand.

Thomas Recher

Au.D. in Audiology