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Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences class

Karissa Bayer

Tell us about your path to Hofstra University and why you decided to pursue the Audiology program.

I began my undergraduate education at Brooklyn College studying Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Immediately after my first lecture in my Introduction to Audiology course, I knew that audiology was the right career for me. I was fascinated with being the professional who gives someone the gift of hearing. At that point, I had about a year left of undergraduate school, and I was starting the application journey for graduate school. I researched programs all along the east coast, from Massachusetts to Maryland. I was intrigued by Hofstra's program because it involved being a student at Adelphi University and St. John's University as well. I was especially interested in Hofstra's program because I liked the idea of gaining clinical experience at three different universities before beginning externships.

Tell us about your practicum and externship experiences.

Thus far, the Long Island AuD Consortium has provided me with exceptional practicum experiences. As I mentioned earlier, before doing externships, you complete three in-house practicums at the three universities. There, I was able to hone skills in audiological evaluations and hearing aid fittings for pediatric and geriatric populations. Following those three in-house practicums, I was placed at Long Island Jewish Staten Island Hospital. As a Staten Islander, I can't thank the Long Island AuD Consortium enough for being accommodating to my commuting needs. At Staten Island Hospital, I was able to further engage in audiological evaluations, hearing aid fittings, newborn hearing screenings, auditory brainstem response testing, and vestibular testing. Currently, I am placed at Manhattan Audiology where I am learning about the private practice aspects of audiology. All of my practicum experiences are bringing me closer to my goal of being a knowledgeable and compassionate audiologist.

Describe the benefits of studying at the consortium made up of Hofstra, Adelphi, and St. John’s.

The benefits of studying at three universities opposed to one really can't be put into words. Working with three different faculties, in three different clinics, with three different supervisors has prepared me so much for the outside world. I was so confident at my first externship because I felt that I had the proper education and guidance from the three universities.

What inspires you most about the profession?

What inspires the most about this profession is that it is constantly growing. Currently, there is a shortage of audiologists. More and more individuals each year seek assistance from an audiologist. I can't wait until I'm an independent audiologist, and I give someone the ability to hear again, or for the first time. I've dispensed hearing aids at my practicums many times and the feeling never gets old. Every time a patient thanks me for helping them, I want to thank them for making my heart feel warm. It's truly a rewarding career, and I'm looking forward to it! This is just the beginning!

What are your goals for the future and how will the program help you reach them?

My current goal is to just gain as much experience as I can, and the Long Island AuD Consortium is definitely helping me do so. They have set me up with practicums where I am able to work with all populations – pediatric, adult, and geriatric. This has shown me that I truly have a love for working with geriatrics.

What advice would you give others considering this program at Hofstra?

If I could offer advice to someone who is considering the Long Island AuD Consortium, I would say go for it! I promise that you won't regret it. I don't think that I would have gained this much experience elsewhere. The faculty, the courses, and the practicums have all exceeded my expectations. The Long Island AuD Consortium Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) chapter is so involved, and it's a great way to network and get to know other individuals in this field. There are so many opportunities outside of the classroom where you can grow as a professional and the consortium encourages you to get involved. I wish endless luck to all of the incoming students and most importantly, remember to have fun!

Karissa Bayer

AuD in Audiology ‘17
Staten Island, NY