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Hofstra University Honors College

Individually Negotiated Honors Options (INHO’s)

The name says it all. These are honors options arranged between a student(s) and a faculty member for a specific course. Typically, a student approaches a faculty member in the semester before the course is offered. Together they work out a semester-long plan for enriching the classroom experience. The assignments included in the plan should represent a modest or moderate increase on the regular course syllabus. An INHO is not an independent study tacked on to a course; nor is it the equivalent of a “capstone.” The additional work should be developed with guidance from the professor and assigned in manageable increments; it should make a qualitative difference in the student’s experience with the course subject matter without presenting quantitative burden that makes the regular workload in the course impossible for the student to complete successfully.

After developing the enrichment plan with these guidelines in mind, the professor will submit a proposal by filling out a web form and uploading a syllabus for the course along with descriptions of the proposed enhancements. The submission form is available during a specified open review period in the Hofstra Portal under the Honors College menu, located in the right-hand side of the portal home screen.

Students and professors will receive confirmation by email once the enhancement plan has been reviewed and approved. When the semester starts, the student will pursue the specified enrichments and meet regularly with the faculty member outside of class to discuss the work.

Reactivating Previously Approved INHO’s

In some instances, a student may approach a faculty member about an honors option in a course for which HUHC has a current honors option proposal on file (a “current” proposal has been approved within the previous 2 years). If the faculty member and student plan to follow the same or similar plan of study, there is no need to resubmit a proposal for review. Instead, the faculty member need only complete and submit the Honors Option Re-Activation Form, also available online in the Hofstra portal.

Timing and Deadlines

Faculty must submit proposals for new INHO’s around the end of the mid-semester registration period, December 15th for the Spring and June 15th for the Fall.  These deadlines do not apply to students pursuing PHOs or reactivated INHO’s; in those cases, Honors Options may be reactivated as late as the second week of the semester.

It is essential to begin the process of developing a new INHO well before the semester it will be conducted so that the instructor and HUHC have time to talk through any questions that may come up in the review process. In particular, this process is intended to ensure that the amount of additional work required in the INHO is appropriate with respect to the amount and rigor of proposed assignments. In all cases HUHC’s ultimate objective is to work with the faculty to ensure that they and students each benefit from working together and that students will be able to complete the work required.

We encourage students to speak to their professor(s) before the deadline and professors to contact us with any questions they may have. Students who find themselves without and in need of an Honors Option for a semester at the start of the term should contact us for assistance finding courses with active Honors Options.