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Hofstra University Honors College

Permanent Honors Options (PHO’s)

Sometimes departments offer courses that regularly attract students interested in receiving honors credit for that course as an honors option. In such cases a department may decide to establish a general plan or template for enrichment of the course that can be used whenever it is offered. Whereas an INHO is a contract of sorts between the student and the professor, the PHO is initially a contact between the department and HUHC, and then between a student and professor in any given section. Like the INHO, the Permanent Honors Option (or PHO) is subject to review and approval by the HUHC Council. Also like the INHO, the PHO offers an opportunity for additional contact between the faculty and the student(s), and for a more probing examination of the material of the course as a way of earning honors credit; students can deepen their interest and understanding of regular course content under the guidance of the instructor and receive honors credit. As with the INHO, students should ask the professor if he or she is willing to offer the departmental PHO in that section of the course, but unlike the INHO, the professor does not need to submit materials for approval, since the template or general plan has had prior approval. The faculty member simply activates the PHO by submitting the basic information via the online form. Thus, students can opt for an existing PHO at the beginning of the term.

Creating a New Permanent Honors Option

HUHC encourages all departments to consider developing PHOs for courses that are routinely used by HUHC students for honors options. The advantages of the PHO are two-fold. For faculty it reduces the amount of paperwork required to initiate an honors option to a single, simple form. For students the PHO list serves as a clear well lit path to pursuing honors work in classes that excite them.

Typically, but not exclusively, PHO’s are established in multi-section courses that are offered regularly and taught by different faculty. The PHO proposal outlines a generic plan of enrichments that can be applied to all versions of the course. Faculty retains the flexibility to adapt the plan to their own syllabus. Once a PHO is approved, there is no need for Honors Council review each time the course is offered.

To initiate a proposal for a new PHO, the department chair should complete and submit the New PHO Approval Form. A full proposal requires that sample syllabi be uploaded to the form.

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  • Activation Form: Permanent Honors Option (PHO)
    This link will take you to the form to be used when a faculty member intends to activate a PHO. PHO’s are established by the department chair for use in multi-section courses that are offered regularly and taught by different faculty.