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Hofstra University Honors College

Candice Sands
Class of 2014

"When I become a math teacher, it's not just about knowing math. You have to know how to critically think to create solutions to the problems students are facing."”

- Candice Sands

Candace Sands

Rising junior Candice Sands just completed her second year in Hofstra University's Honors College (HUHC). After taking Culture & Expression, the linked sequence of four courses (two in the fall; two in the spring) that builds community among first-year HUHC students, Candice was hooked, and she knows that future seminars will greatly enhance her education.

"The honors seminars are so unique and promote such freedom of thought and debate," says Candice, a math education major. "Taking classes in Honors College allows me to hear perspectives of students from so many different majors, thus changing the way I approach problems and think about things."

While much of her course work is concentrated in math, Candice acknowledges the advantages of honors classes for students in any major. "When I become a math teacher, it's not just about knowing math. You have to know how to think critically to create solutions to the problems students are facing. Being a good reader is important too, because so much of math education revolves around word problems. Culture & Expression really helped me build some of these skills."

For Candice, the benefits of Honors College have extended beyond the classroom. During her first year, Candice took advantage of exclusive Honors College trips and activities, including a Broadway musical, sea-kayaking, and a scavenger hunt in New York City's Central Park. The activities cultivated friendships with other students and faculty members, which have carried over into her sophomore and now her junior year.

"It can be a hard transition as a freshman," Candice says, "but Honors College organizes so many different events and outings for you to meet other students and become part of what really is a family. Honors mentors always have their door open, and they'll help you with anything."

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