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Frequently Asked Questions from Scholarship Nexus

Scholarship Nexus Frequently Asked Questions

What opportunities are out there?
We've listed on the Hofstra Scholarship Nexus pages several of the most well-known prestigious scholarships for post-B.A. study and travel. Ours is not a complete listing of all such opportunities. Start by reviewing our list, and exploring the websites associated with each program. Next, we suggest you turn to the University of California, Berkeley search engine, to uncover several substantial, and yet less well-known scholarship programs.

Do I qualify?
The awards listed on this site are all highly competitive. Typically, students have outstanding academic records, and have been highly active in the campus or broader community. Some programs specify GPA minimums, but not all do. Since the application process often requires a serious commitment of time and energy both by the applicant but also by members of the university, students are encouraged to be realistic when assessing their chances. All students are encouraged to have a preliminary conversation Associate Dean Neil Donahue, coordinator of Post-Bac. Scholarships before beginning the application process for any of these competitions.

How do I get started?
The best way to get started is to investigate the annotated list of opportunities highlighted on this website (Prestigious Scholarships | Search Engines.) Each listing also contains a link to the program's website, where you can get more detailed information about programs that might apply to you. Next you might turn to the University of California, Berkeley search engine, to uncover several substantial, and yet less well known scholarship programs.

Who can help me?
If you feel you may be qualified for one or more of the programs listed either here or on other sites, complete the Student Scholarship Profile Form and submit it to Assistant Provost Neil H. Donahue who will review the program's requirements, determine whether you are eligible, and, if you are, map out a plan for putting together the required application materials.