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Honor Board FAQ

FAQs About the Honor Board

What the the Honor Board's responsibilities?
- To oversee ongoing efforts to maintain the visibility and effectiveness of Hofstra's Honor Code via marketing campaigns, websites, and other promotional activities. This responsibility entails close coordination with University Relations, Admissions, Student Affairs and the Student Government Association.
- To form ad hoc appeals committees to resolve appeals involving academic integrity violations. The ad hoc committee will consist of 3 voting members chosen from the honor board, including 1 student, 1 academic administrator, and 1 faculty member. In addition the ad hoc appeal committee will contain 4 non-voting members including representatives from the Provost's office, Student Affairs, the Dean's office where the alleged violation was said to have occurred and the department (normally the Department Chair) where the alleged violation was said to have occurred.
- To coordinate the development of instructional and informational resources (including workshops, websites, visiting speakers etc.) designed to support community members (both faculty and students) in the area of academic integrity.
- To undertake a comprehensive review of honor code policies and procedures, including the recommendation of updates and improvements at least once every three years.
- To provide an annual report describing Honor Board activities to the Provost, the Vice President of Student Affairs, the Faculty Senate and the Student Government Association.
What is the Honor Board's membership structure?
- The Honor Board is led by 3 co-chairs consisting of a faculty member, a student and an administrator. Additional membership includes 4 faculty, 4 students, 2 academic administrators and 2 student affairs administrators. Faculty members are elected. Student members are appointed jointly by the Provost and Vice President of Student Affairs. Academic administrative representatives are appointed by the Provost. Student Affairs administrative representatives are appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs. Given its responsibilities the Honor Board also has as ex-officio members a representative from University Relations and Admissions.
Who are the current Honor Board members?
- The Honor Board meets as needed, but normally conducts most of its work via sub-committees set up at the beginning of each academic year.
When does the Honor Board hold meetings?
- Faculty and administrative members will be elected or appointed to 3 year terms with the exception of the initial board membership whose terms will be staggered as 3, 2 or 1 year to ensure the regular rotation of membership and the preservation of institutional memory. Student members will be appointed to 1year terms with the option of renewal up to a total of 3 years.