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Integrity: Vice President Message

From the Vice President for Student Affairs

Over the course of the past 75 years, students, faculty and administrators at Hofstra have all contributed to the development of a strong community on campus.  Collectively we have made a commitment to pursue personal and academic excellence.

As a student, you will encounter many guides, teachers, and mentors throughout your time on campus, all of who will work toward helping you reach your academic and personal goals.  While each of you have unique goals, we also strive to help you develop a wide range of abilities that are important for everyone.  To that end, if you work to be actively engaged in your college experience, in and out of the classroom, you will develop Hofstra PRIDE.  We define this in the following ways:

Personal and Social Responsibility:  Through a process of self discovery you steer your own personal, academic, and career paths and take full ownership of your decisions, in and out of the classroom.  Your sense of purpose carries an understanding of how your actions impact others.

Respect for Self and Others:  Demonstrating respect for all individuals, including yourself is evident in your display of emotional maturity in your interactions with others.  Recognizing your own strengths and abilities, you understand the components of a healthy lifestyle and making positive choices.

Integrity, Ethics and Leadership:  Integrity and ethical behavior in all aspects of your life, in and out of the classroom, is paramount.  You seek to better understand yourself and the world around you as you work towards becoming an effective and principled leader.

Diversity and Community:  Each individual brings a unique perspective to the broader community.  You demonstrate the awareness, knowledge and skills necessary to effectively engage with a diverse community. 

Expression and Free Exchange:  You engage in free expression and exchange in learning as it leads to the development of your critical and integrative thinking.

President Rabinowitz, Provost Berliner and I are working with the Hofstra community to start a conversation around one of our core values-academic integrity.  I am asking all students to join in this important conversation.  PRIDE is the backbone of all we do at this great school; let's come together as a community to address this important issue.

W. Houston Dougharty