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History of Honor Code


Fall 2012 – Spring 2013

The Honor Board was established in 2012-2013. Its first action was to determine that Fall 2013 would be the "launch date" for the new Honor Code. Plans were put in place to ensure that all members of the community are aware of the Honor Code and to give everyone an opportunity to affirm it publically.  In the future, acceptance to the Hofstra University community will be contingent on a willingness to affirm the values summarized in the Honor Code.

Fall 2010 – Spring 2011

The proposal to establish an Honor Code and Honor Board was taken up by the Hofstra Faculty and Student Government Association.  By votes of the Full Faculty and the Student Government Association the recommendations were approved and subsequently signed by President Rabinowitz.

Spring 2010 – Academic Integrity Conversation Launched

The Academic Integrity Task Force recommended a campus-wide discussion about Academic Integrity at Hofstra and used a nationally normed survey to assess the situation at Hofstra. The Task Force Report concluded "that the vast majority of Hofstra students and faculty agree that academic integrity is central to Hofstra's mission, and that its pursuit is the shared responsibility of faculty, students and administrators."  In addition, they concluded that "violations of academic integrity at Hofstra are no more frequent, but also no less frequent, than such violations at our peer institutions."  Based on the survey results and the subsequent conversations, the Task Force recommended that Hofstra University establish an Honor Code and an Honor Board to oversee and encourage academic integrity at Hofstra.

Fall 2009 – Academic Integrity Task Force Established

During the Fall 2009 semester at the request of President Rabinowitz, Hofstra University Provost Herman Berliner established a Task Force consisting of students, faculty, and administrators to consider whether an Honor Code would be an appropriate response to the changes in technology and changing cultural norms.