Computer Science & Cybersecurity (BS) and Computer Science (MS), Accelerated Program

The Accelerated BS in Computer Science and Cybersecurity and MS in Computer Science program gives Hofstra students the opportunity to complete both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in approximately five years.

During the first four years, students complete  the course work for the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Cybersecurity where up to four of the courses are graduate courses which count towards credits for both the undergraduate and the graduate degree. These graduate courses are taken under advisement during junior-senior years. In the fifth year, students are rolled into the graduate program for which they have already completed up to four courses. In one year they finish six more graduate courses, thus completing in five years, both the graduate and undergraduate degrees.

This accelerated program requires the successful completion of a total of 154 semester hours of college course work. At the bachelor's level, students will complete at least 124 s.h., 12 semester hours of which may be taken at the graduate level that will be double-counted toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students must discuss the eligible courses with the graduate adviser. In the fifth year of study, 18 additional semester hours will be required at the graduate level for a total of 30 semester hours to complete the MS program.

Students will be eligible to apply to the DeMatteis Co-op Program during their first semester as graduate students.


Eligible Hofstra undergraduate BS Computer Science and Cybersecurity majors may apply for admission to the accelerated program provided the following requirements are met:

  1. Must be a matriculated Hofstra student with an overall minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0;
  2. Successful completion of core CSC courses: CSC 014, 015, 016, 017, 110, MATH 072, and at least one of the following courses: CSC 112, 120, 123;
  3. Successful completion of 78 semester hours of coursework toward their BS degree in computer science but prior to enrolling in their last 12 semester hours of course work toward the BS; and
  4. A completed application to the master's program

Undergraduate students must apply and be accepted into the accelerated program before being allowed to take graduate courses as part of their undergraduate program. Once accepted, students must maintain an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to remain in the accelerated degree program.

Students who have received a grade of B or above in any of CSC 112, 120, or 123 should not take the corresponding course: CSC 204, 252 or 256. The same applies to any CSC elective which is cross-listed with a graduate course. In any of these cases, the student will select, under the advisement of the graduate director, alternative CSC graduate courses to fulfill the degree requirements. A student who has earned a grade lower than B in CSC 112, or 120, or 123 must retake the corresponding graduate course (CSC 204, 252 or 256) in order to satisfy the graduate requirements.

For additional information about how to apply to the program, contact your Academic Advisor. Applications are due by March 1 of the year students expect to attend in September.


Sample Sequence of Courses in the Accelerated Program

First Year - Fall
BS CSC 014 – Discrete Structures I 3
BS CSC 015 – Fund. Comp. Science I 4
BS MATH 071 – Calculus I 4
BS WSC 001 Composition 3
BS CSC 15S 1

UG subtotal                15

First Year - Spring
BS CSC 024 – Discrete Structures II 3
BS CSC 016 – Fund. Comp. Science II 4
BS MATH 072 – Calculus II 4
BS WSC 002 Composition* 3
BS HIST 011 - (HP) Western Civilizatn 1 3

UG subtotal                 32

Second Year - Fall
BS CSC 017 – Fund. Comp. Science II 3
BS CSC 110 – Intro. Comp. Architecture 3
BS PHYS 011A, 011B – General Physics & Lab 5
BS CSC 111 Assembly 3
BS ECO 007 – (BH) Explr Currnt Eco Iss 3

UG subtotal                 49               

Second Year - Spring
BS CSC 112– Operating Systems 3
BS CSC 110A – Comp. Architecture Lab 1
BS CSC 163 – Computing, Ethics, and Society 1
BS CSC 184 – Mobile Apps 3
BS PHYS 012A, 012B – General Physics & Lab 5
BS CSC 175 -- Networking 3

UG subtotal                  65

Third Year - Fall
BS CSC 120 – Algorithms and Data Structures 3
BS CSC 123 – Programming Languages 3
BS CSC 155 – Systems Programming 3
BS CSC 170 – Principles of Databases 3
BS CHEM 003A 3

UG subtotal                  80

Third Year - Spring
BS CSC 161 – Introduction to Automata Theory 3
BS/MS CSC 289 – Software Engineering 3
BS Distribution 3
BS/MS CSC 283 – Web Apps 3
BS PSC 001 – (BH) American Politics 3

UG subtotal                  95
GR subtotal                    6
Total                            101

Fourth Year - Fall
BS CSC 197A – Independent Senior Design 1
BS CSC 198F – Senior Seminar 0.5
BS/MS CSC 215 – Ethical Hacking 3
BS PHI 010 – (HP) Intro to Philosophy 3
BS CSC 185 – Random Process 3
BS IT 132 – Digital Forensics 3
BS MUS 004 – Music World (CC) 3

UG subtotal               111.5
GRAD subtotal              9     

Total                           120.5

Fourth Year - Spring
BS CSC 197B – Independent Senior Design 1
BS CSC 198S – Senior Seminar 0.5
BS/MS CSC288 – Network Security 3
BS CLL030 (LT) – Literature of Holocaust 3
BS MATH 073 Calculus III 4
BS CSC199 Internship 1

UG subtotal                124
GRAD subtotal             12

Fifth Year - Fall
MS CSC272 – Machine Learning 3
MS CSC229 – Information Retrieval 3
MS CSC301 Thesis 1 3

UG subtotal                 124     
GRAD subtotal             21
Total                           145

Fifth Year - Spring
MS CSC270 – Artificial Intelligence 3
MS CSC203 Data Privacy 3
MS CSC302 Thesis 2 3

UG subtotal                 124
GRAD subtotal             30
Total                           154