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The Project deliverables will comprise a commercially published hybrid text-based and cyberlearning ATE HS instructional system that includes:

  • Three yearlong grades 11-12 courses with gender-equitable content in biochemical, manufacturing, and ICT configured as ten-week instructional modules that can be flexibly implemented as marking period, semester, or full-year programs for HS engineering, technology, and CTE students;
  • A Project Web site and online learning management system (LMS) that is based on open-source tools and meets universal accessibility standards;
  • Browser-based simulations, animations, videos, practical activities, and formative and summative assessments;
  • Online controlled-access social interaction tools such as blogs, forums, and wikis;
  • Support materials and a program overview for teachers, parents, and program administrators;
  • Articulation agreements. The ATE Center directors/co-PIs have acknowledged the need for the development of articulation agreements and will set a precedent by facilitating arrangements between their partner CCs and neighboring high schools. These agreements would build on established agreements to enable HS students to receive one unit of CC credit for each ATEP unit of study.
  • Research Park initiative that contexualizes learning within an interactive design based simulation within embedded assessments.