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The mission of the ATEP Project is to develop and research a high-quality innovative program model addressing the need to inspire high school students to pursue promising technical careers in the three ATEP Project domains. Through the efforts of the ATEP collaborative, the Project will:

Produce, field test, evaluate, revise, and commercially publish three yearlong hybrid ATE courses for grades 11-12 students that promote career exploration, are linked to skill and academic standards, and serve as an instructional bridge to CC ATE programs.

Augment HS students’ opportunities to learn significant STEM and technical content knowledge, and workforce/21st-century skills (e.g., skills in computers and technology, critical thinking / problem solving, media literacy, communication, and creativity), as well as their ability to choose personally appropriate career pathways in Project-related STEM fields.

Conduct research into how effectively the ATEP hybrid program (1) supports student learning of important concepts and workforce skills, (2) is more engaging than learning through traditional curriculum, (3) becomes a pathway through which interest in technical careers can be stimulated, and (4) serves as a means through which the pursuit of further STEM education can be inspired.

Develop published teacher support and professional development materials to scaffold teachers’ ability to implement the ATEP curriculum; produce an administrator’s guide describing the curriculum content and pedagogy; and create a parent guide to introduce parents to the promising technical career pathways advanced by the Project.

Evaluate, publish, and disseminate models, methods, products, materials, and results.