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Resources: Forms for the Writing Teams

The ATEP CONTENT DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK describes the overall process of developing the content using CONTENT TEMPLATES.

The ONLINE CONTENT TEMPLATE IN WORD and the ONLINE CONTENT TEMPLATE PDF VERSION provides the framework for introducing each module, and for providing the supporting content for the student. Content will be developed in a 300 words sections, linked together to cover all aspects of a module. A worked example, entitled CONTENT 1 - Online Content Template ICT EXAMPLE is also provided.

Download Word files for the entire Engineering and Technology text. These should be copied and pasted into the Content Template as appropriate.

The ONLINE MEDIA SPECIFICATION TEMPLATE allows Team Leaders and the Writing Teams to identify multimedia elements that might be developed from the CONTENT TEMPLATE.  A worked example entitled MEDIA-1 Online Media Specification Template EXAMPLE is also provided.

The ONLINE MEDIA SCRIPT TEMPLATE acts as the focal point for the development of the multimedia elements between the writing teams and multimedia developers (Tony and Jim).  An example entitled MEDIA-2 EXAMPLE- Online Media Script for Module 1: The Cutting Edge is provided. Another example of a completed script, this one in the BIO domain, is a Worked Template Example from Biotechnology (Insulin production)

The STUDENT ACTIVITY TEMPLATE will scaffold the work through the design process and serve to document their work.