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Career Curriculum for Technology Project

Conceptual Design

CCfT will establish three ATE development sites, one each focused on the contexts of technology in the living world, information technology, and physical technology. CCfT Structural Design, with Affiliated Community Colleges, High Schools, Industries, and Universities Partner CCs and their affiliated high schools will bring, and further develop expertise in one of the technological contexts and serve as sites for curriculum development, pilot testing, and dissemination. Field testing will occur in four high schools associated with each development site. The CC co-PIs will provide conceptual leadership and direct development efforts within their sites coordinated through the Project director.

The Project will be organized in three rings, each representing responsibilities undertaken by institutions within it (development, field testing, and support-see figure 1). Emanating from the core will be the Project leadership and support structure, which will scaffold the work being accomplished by the curriculum development and pilot-testing teams from the three community colleges and their regional high school counterparts.

Field testing will occur in four high schools with support provided by the dedicated community college; for example, BCC, the college with information technology expertise, will identify, recruit, and support schools that will field-test the information technology materials. Formative and summative evaluation will be coordinated by the Project evaluator, Dr. Deborah Hecht of the Center for Advanced Study in Education at the City University of New York Graduate Center (see Research, Evaluation, and Dissemination section).

CCft Conceptual Design