Core Curriculum for Technology Project

Project Description

This materials development project includes three community colleges and two NSF-ATE Centers as partners. Four high schools are field-testing the materials. The project is designing, pilot testing, and disseminating a year-long technology course for high schools, including a textbook with content and student activities driven by the Standards for Technological Literacy in three content areas: physical technology, information technology, and technology in the living world. The materials are based on Understanding by Design (backwards design) and national standards, and implement inquiry, engineering design, and hands-on learning. The project deliverables include:

  1. A year-long high school technology course with a text and student workbook
  2. Teacher support materials
  3. Career development materials embedded within the text
  4. A media-rich Project website
  5. A cross-curricular integrative Fast Food facility design activity that contextualizes content in physical, information, and living world technology.

The materials are being disseminated through online sources and published by Thomson Delmar Learning. Grant Wiggins is a consultant to the project for materials design. A needs assessment for these materials has been done, which provides support for the project. Industry professionals and high school teachers are participating in the development teams.