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Career Curriculum for Technology Project

Project Management

CCfT brings together a highly regarded group of national STEM leaders with exceptional credentials and proven materials development and project management success.

Dr. David Burghardt, Project PI, is head of engineering and co-director of the Hofstra University Center for Technological Literacy (CTL). He has directed five NSF ATE, MSP, and TE projects, and will administer the budget and provide technical support to the writing teams.

Dr. Linnea Fletcher is the director of the South Central Region Bio-Link ATE Center at Austin CC and is one of the nation's foremost biotechnology educators. She has a rich content background in biotechnology and bioinformatics, has worked extensively with secondary school teachers, and has been a PI on NSF ATE projects. As co-PI, she will lead the biotechnology team.

Anthony Gordon is the Director of Technology for the Saginaw, Michigan Public Schools. Gordon developed an international reputation in Design and Technology while serving as the Technology Advisor for the Staffordshire, England Schools for many years. He is leading the development of the Transportation and Futures Sections of the text.

Michael Hacker co-directs the Hofstra CTL. He was formerly the NYSED state supervisor for technology education. He was a member of the STL writing team and co-managed the NYS MST standards development. He has co-directed six NSF ATE, IMD, MSP, and teacher enhancement projects. He will provide curriculum and pedagogical support to the writing teams.

Michael Qaissaunee is a co-PI at the NSF ATE National Center for Telecommunications Technology at Springfield Technical Community College. He is a recognized author of IT-based textual materials with expertise in wire line, wireless, and fiber-optic technologies. He will serve as a co-PI and lead the IT team.

Richard Prestopnik, professor of electrical and computer technology at Fulton-Montgomery Community College (FMCC), will serve as a Project co-PI and lead the physical technology team. Mr. Prestopnik, a team leader, principal writer, and curriculum content expert on the NSF NYSCATE project, developed and directed the NASA-funded Spatial Information Technology Center at FMCC and is an expert in digital and microprocessor systems.

Dr. William Peruzzi was a science supervisor, high school principal, and NYSED consultant. He was the coordinator of the NSF-funded NYSCATE Project that developed HS and CC ATE Curriculum materials. He is leading the development of the introductory chapters.