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Career Curriculum for Technology Project

CCfT Work Plan and Timeline

The development cycle and work plan involves curriculum and student activity development, writing and pilot testing in year I; expert review and field testing in year II; and revision, publication, and dissemination in year III as shown below:

Year I - April 2006 to March 2007
April to June 2006
July to September 2006
October to December 2006
January to March 2007
  • Management team meeting
  • Spring planning meeting to develop course framework
  • Grant Wiggins at Hofstra to refine assessment evidence, enduring understandings, and essential questions
  • KSB development
  • 2-day meeting on informed design
  • Develop overviews of CCfT courses
  • National advisory board meeting
  • Project design challenges, student support material
  • CC and HS experts and industrial consultants complete courses at CCs
  • Career development at Hofstra
  • Late August: course draft refinement meeting, Grant Wiggins review
  • First industry review
  • Periodic revisions throughout fall
  • Content and pedagogy review
  • Developers work with several students to test out course elements through microtesting
  • Revised courses from team
  • 2-day training of HS master teachers to prepare for whole-class pilot testing
  • Co-PIs provide ongoing support for teachers who are pilot-testing material on Saturdays at CCs

Year I I- April 2007 to March 2008
April to June 2007
July to September 2007
October to December 2007
January to March 2008
  • ITEA and state dissemination
  • May meeting at CCs using data from pilots for revision
  • Career pathway development
  • National advisory board meeting
  • Grant Wiggins reviews courses
  • Develop additional student/teacher support materials
  • August: field-test protocol meeting for all field-test teachers
  • Field-test training at CCs
  • Conduct field test
  • Management team members visit field-test sites
  • Evaluators make site visits
  • Evaluation data collected
  • Field-test protocol analysis
  • Work with publisher to refine commercial design and marketing strategies

Year III- April 2008 to March 2009
April to June 2008
July to September 2008
October to December 2008
January to March 2009
  • Analysis of field-test results
  • Revise/refine support material for teachers and students
  • Professional development guide written
  • National and state dissemination meetings
  • National advisory board meeting
  • Complete rewriting of materials at CC to reflect field-test data
  • Career pathway materials revised
  • Coordination of all materials to ready them for review
  • Conference presentations
  • Articles written for professional journals
  • Grant Wiggins reviews materials
  • Validation by industrial experts
  • Validation by ATE centers
  • Ready materials for publication
  • Conference presentations
  • Articles written for professional journals
  • Thomson Delmar Learning prints and markets materials
  • Conference presentations
  • Articles written for professional journals