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Technology Education ITEA Workshop Application

Background Information
Teacher's Name
Years of Teaching Experience
Grade(s) to be taught in spring 2009
Subject(s) Taught
Area(s) of Certification
Highest Degree Received
In Which Discipline
Date Degree Received (mm/dd/yyyy)
From Which Institution
Depth of mathematics background
(math courses taken)
Contact Information
Email Address
School Address
School City
School State
School Zip
School Telephone
Home Address
Home City
Home State
Home Zip
Home Telephone
Statement of Interest: Please explain your thoughts about the role of the Technology Education teacher in enhancing mathematical understanding. Include prior work done in this regard. Also discuss the extent to which your current practices are similar to the curriculum we are asking you to field test.
I will be able to bring a computer with Google Sketchup installed and I will become reasonably familiar with that program prior to the workshop: Yes No
I have access to a fully equipped technology education laboratory: Yes No
  • I understand that I must attend the entirety of a three-hour workshop during the 2009 ITEA Louisville, KY Conference on March 26, 2009.

  • I understand that I must field test a five-week unit (virtual design and follow up physical modeling of a bedroom design activity) with at least one eighth grade class during the spring, 2009 semester and provide evaluation data as requested by Project external evaluators in consonance with school district policies. Compensation is a $2000 stipend and paid ITEA conference registration.

  • I attest that my principal has given his approval for my participation in the Technology Education Research Project.
    Principal name -
If you have any questions, please contact Lois Miceli: (516) 463-6482 • Lois.m.miceli@hofstra.edu
Please reply prior to February 2, 2009.