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MSTe Project Management Personnel, Co-P.I.s Jacqueline Grennon Brooks, David Burghardt, Michael Hacker, Janice Koch, Thomas T. Liao, and Sharon Whitton have together and separately planned, organized, and conducted staff development workshops for thousands of teachers in New York State, nationally and internationally. As colleagues, they have collaborated on numerous major projects during the last decade, including large-scale NSF projects, international NATO symposia (1989, 1992, 1993), New York State syllabus development (1984-91), and the development of the New York State Learning Standards for Mathematics, Science, and Technology (1992?1996). The Co-P.I.s are a diverse team with collective expertise in mathematics, science, technology, elementary education, and MST integration. They have met frequently during the Project's period and played active roles as expert faculty during the summer workshops. Each has provided ongoing support to several MSTE teams.

Dr. Jacqueline Grennon Brooks is a science educator at the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education at SUNY Stony Brook. She is Director of the campus school for elementary school students that is the MSTE clinical practice lab site. Dr. Brooks has served primarily as the Project's pedagogical and elementary education specialist. She has provided a research perspective and emphasized the literature on constructivism and educational/organizational change. Her book In Search of Understanding: The Case for Constructivist Classrooms has achieved national acclaim. Dr. Brooks has conducted the administrators meetings and played a leadership role in the two-day reflection meetings. She has provided ongoing support to teams affiliated with Stony Brook.

Dr. David Burghardt is the Chair of the Computer Science Department, Professor of Engineering, and Director of the Center for Technological Literacy at Hofstra University. A nationally known engineering educator and author, Dr. Burghardt has been a key contributor to the New York State MST Learning Standards. He served as a faculty member and led the design components of the workshops. Dr. Burghardt administered the subcontract to Hofstra University, worked with the Project Evaluator in the design of the MSTe Project evaluation, and coordinated the use of Hofstra facilities. He provided ongoing support to teams affiliated with Hofstra.

Dr. Michael Hacker, co-PI, a technology educator with 20 years of classroom experience, has served as the State Supervisor for Technology Education at the New York State Education Department since 1984. Mr. Hacker took a leave to serve as full-time Project Executive Director and was responsible for its daily operation. He recruited MSTe team members, arranged workshop times and places, and developed workshop and meeting schedules. He managed the coordination and networking with P.I.s and the MSTe partners and has taken an active role in teaching during the summer workshops. Also he supported the Orange/Ulster BOCES teams.

Dr. Janice Koch, an elementary science education specialist, is Professor of Science Education at Hofstra University. Her research explores broadening the participation of women and minority men in science. She is the author of Science Stories: A Science Methods Book for Elementary School Teachers. She is the 1995 recipient of Hofstra's Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award. Dr. Koch has led the science components of the workshops and provided ongoing support to teams affiliated with Hofstra.

Dr. Thomas T. Liao, a physics and engineering educator, Chair of the Department of Technology and Society at SUNY Stony Brook since 1987. Dr. Liao served as the Co-chair of the committee which developed the New York State MST Standards. For over 30 years, he has led curriculum development and teacher enhancement projects focused on science and technology literacy. During the last several years he has worked in NYSSI schools with elementary school teachers. He has administered the Project to meet goals and timelines, arranged for the use of workshop sites at Stony Brook, monitored the Project budget, and assumed day-to-day Project operation when the Project Executive Director was absent. Dr. Liao has served as a faculty member during the workshops, and as an expert consultant in connecting MST. He has provided ongoing support to teams affiliated with Stony Brook.

Dr. Sharon Whitton is an elementary mathematics educator and Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Hofstra University. She brought over two decades of university and public school teaching experience to the Project. At Hofstra, she is responsible for instruction in mathematics content and methods, and for educational computing courses in the School of Education. She and Dr. Janice Koch coordinated the construction of an M.A. in Elementary Education with an MST specialization. Dr. Whitton has led the mathematics components of the workshops and provided ongoing support to teams affiliated with Hofstra University.

Dr. Penelope Haile is the Senior Project Evaluator. Dr. Haile is Associate Dean, School of Education and Allied Human Services, and Adjunct Professor at Hofstra University. She served as the Project Evaluator of the $1.6 M - N.S.F. funded NYSTEN Project, has been a program evaluator for numerous teacher education programs, and served as the Project Director of a $600,000 Title III grant to revise the undergraduate core curriculum of the NY Institute of Technology. She has designed the formative and summative evaluation plans, developed all feedback instruments and protocols, directed the collection of project monitoring and evaluation data, conducted on-site observations of workshops, and composed interim and final evaluation reports.

Dr. Karl Swyler, (Deceased) Former Director of the Science Education Center at Brookhaven National Laboratory, joined the P.I.s as a member of the Project Management. Dr. Swyler was the P.I. of the NSF-funded National Teacher Enhancement Project for elementary school teachers (NTEP). He convened two major conferences for MST teachers and teacher educators at BNL during the 1995-96 school year. He coordinated the linkages between Project participants and BNL scientists and arranged for the use of BNL facilities. Dr. Swyler provided ongoing support to the NYC teams.

Upon Dr. Swyler's death, Dr. Brian Murfin, Assumed Brookhaven's National Laboratory MSTe Project Leadership.


The MSTe Project has established a multicultural Project Policy Board to serve in an advisory capacity to Project staff and provide continuing conceptual direction. The Policy Board, comprised of elementary school, math, science, and technology teachers who are leaders in their professional associations; individuals representing the USI and SSI; superintendents and principals; S/CDN representatives; and NYSED personnel, met twice yearly during each Project year to assist with participant selection, review progress, plan for dissemination and evaluation, workshop content and timetables, and the IRG framework. Members include:

Dr. Jacqueline Ancess (Chair), Senior Research Associate, NCREST, Teacher's College, Columbia University.

Ann Caren, elementary teacher, Mathematics Presidential Award winner, Ithaca CSD.

Dr. Joan Daly-Lewis, S/CDN Representative, Suffolk County BOCES.

Dr. David Ferguson, Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics, SUNY at Stony Brook.

Kathleen Gilmore, S/CDN Representative, Nassau County BOCES.

Alan Horowitz, Technology Teacher and President, New York State Technology Education Association.

Dr. Mildred Jones, Project Director, New York City Urban Systemic Initiative.

Dr. Richard Jones, Project Director New York Statewide Systemic Initiative.

Rose Moskowitz, Director of Curriculum and Staff Development, Orange-Ulster BOCES.

Fred Oberst, President, Science Teachers Association of New York State.

Dr. William Peruzzi, Project Coordinator, New York Statewide Systemic Initiative.

Dr. Carolyn Richbart, President, Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State.

Rebecca Skinner, NYSED Regional Field Team Leader for NYC.

Susan Updike, Early Childhood Elementary School Specialist, NYSED.

Dr. Michael Walsh, Superintendent of Schools, Smithtown CSD.

Dr. Renee Young, Principal, Community School 21, District 16, Brooklyn.

Scott McMullen, K-12 Science Coordinator, Mineola Central School District.

Barry Borakove, Technology Teacher and President-elect, New York State Technology Education Association.