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MSTP Member Presentations and Publications

MSTP MemberConference/PublicationDescription
Bennett, Tyrone. National Drop out Prevention Conference Louisville, Kentucky. October, 2007 Presented, “Reducing the Risk: Math, Science, & Technology Partnership (MSTP)”
Bennett, Tyrone. 20th Annual At-Risk Youth National FORUM, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, February, 2008. Presented, “Tech Clubs After-School: An MSTP Systems Approach”
Bennett, Tyrone. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Passport to the Future (2008) Presented, “Bridge Building Through Math Infusion”
Burghardt, David, Hecht Deborah NSF MSP Learning Conference January 2009, Washington, D.C. A Model of Math Infusion in Middle School STEM Curriculum
Burghardt, David House of Representatives STEM Education Caucus November 2008 , Washington, D.C. Improving Student Learning in STEM with Existing Resources
Burghardt , David and Hacker, Michael 2008 Frontiers in Education Conference Saratoga Math Infusion in a Middle School Engineering/Technology Education Class
Burghardt, David ASEE June, 2008 conference Paper/Presentation on “Effectiveness of Math Infusion Model in Middle School Engineering Technology Education Classes.”
Burghardt, David House of Representatives STEM Education Caucus May 2007 Effective Interventions in K-12 STEM Education
Burghardt, David and Smith, Kenneth The Technology Teacher 66,7 (2007) Teaching Engineering at the K-12 Level: Two Perspectives
Burghardt, David and Hacker, Michael National Symposium to Explore Effective Practices for Professional Development of K-12 Engineering and Technology Education Teachers, Dallas, Texas (2007) Engineering Professional Development
Burghardt, David and Akins, Leah 2006 Frontiers in Education Conference San Diego Improving K-12 Mathematics Understanding with Engineering Design Projects
David Burghardt And Llewellyn, Maryann ASEE 2006 Conference Chicago Engineering Effective Middle School Teacher Professional Development.
Burghardt, David National Academy of Engineering Presentation at National Academy of Engineering committee on K-12 engineering re math infusion.
Burghardt, David, and Hacker, Michael National Science Teachers Association Conference Boston, MA. March, 2008. Presented, “Infusing Mathematics into Science at the Middle School level: A Professional Development Model.”
Hacker, Michael. Commissioner’s Regional USNY Day. Western Suffolk BOCES. December 4, 2007 Presented, “The Math, Science, and Technology Partnership”
Hacker, Michael. NYSTEA Advisory Board Meeting. Syracuse, NY. April 2, 2008. Presented, “The “T” in STEM Education”
Hacker, Michael and Burghardt, David ITEA Conference. Salt Lake City. February 23, 2008. Presented, “Realities and Starting Points for Professional Development.”
Hacker Michael, Burghardt, David Engineering and Technology Education, Cengage Learning, 2009  
Hacker, Michael and Burghardt, David Technology Education – Learning by Design, Prentice Hall 2008  
Hacker Michael and Burghardt, David The Technology Teacher. 68,3 2008 Addressing Issues Related to Technology and Engineering
Ferguson, David Paper has been widely disseminated through the SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagement and Responsibility) project, funded by NSF. Wrote a paper entitled "Mathematical and Statistical Reasoning in Compelling Contexts" (2005)
Forsberg, Charles ASEE Mid-Atlantic Spring 2007 Conference Presented “Use of Knowledge and Skill Builders (KSBs) in a Measurements Laboratory Course”
Forsberg, Charles ASEE 2009 Annual Conference “Use of Knowledge and Skill Builders (KSBs) in a Senior Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
Halada, Gary National meeting of the American Chemical Society in Chicago (2007) Education presentation on how he acknowledge and incorporate pedagogy from MSTP which has been applied to my freshman seminar course on bionics
Gary Halada American Society for Engineering Education conference (2005) Presented MSTP-related material, where I also co-organized a symposium on faculty involvement in K-12 education in engineering.
Hunter, Margaret ASEE 2007 Annual Conference & Exposition, Honolulu, Hawaii Paper and Poster Presentation “Student Produced Case Studies in an Introduction to Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Course to Create an Integrated Context for the Course Content
Hunter, Margaret AEESP Conference Poster presentation on Journal article (Environmental Engineering Science, Volume 23, number 3, 2006 page 461
Hunter, Margaret Opportunities for environmental science and engineering outreach through K – 12 mathematics programs. Environmental Engineering Science, 23, 2, 461 – 471. Publication.
Hunter, Margaret ASEE Mid-Atlantic Section Conference, Stony Brook University, 2005 Presented “How Participation in a Middle School Math, Science and Technology Partnership (MSTP) has influenced Outreach Activities and Undergraduate Engineering Courses”
Hunter, Margaret and Forsberg, Charles ASEE Mid-Atlantic Spring 2005 Conference Presented “Experiences of Engineering University Faculty in a Middle School Math, Science and Technology Partnership (MSTP)”
Russo,Maria and La Fata, Caterina Science in Savannah Symposium in Savannah, Georgia (2007) Presented “Infusing Mathematics into Science at the Middle School level: A Professional Development Model.”
Russo,Maria and La Fata, Caterina School Science and Mathematics (SSMA) Annual conference in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina (2008) Presented a training workshop “Collaboration of middle school math, science, and technology teachers through professional development”
Russo,Maria and La Fata, Caterina Presentation at the School Science and Mathematics (SSMA) Annual conference in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina (2008) Presented “Studying the implementation of math infused middle school science and technology lessons”
Russo,Maria and La Fata, Caterina Accepting the STEM Challenge: Preparing K-16 Students for Global Competitiveness in the 21st Century conference in Atlanta, Georgia (2008) Presented “Infusing Mathematics into Science and Technology at the Middle School Level”
Russo, Maria National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Annual Convention, Boston, MA. Poster session “Increasing Student Mathematical Success through Collaborative Professional Development”
Russo,Maria American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA. (2009). Paper presentation “Development of a Multidisciplinary Middle School Math Infusion Model”
Wachter, Nannette Submitted for publication in the Journal of Chemical Education. Wachter, N.M.; Black, A.; Distler, R.; Rubinov, A.; Tran, C (2007). “Guided-Inquiry in Organic Synthesis. Nitration of Acetophenones: Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution versus a-Substitution of Enols”.
Whitton, Sharon 2007 LIMACON Conference Presented methods for teaching probability (grades 5-8).
Whitton, Sharon Nassau County Mathematics Teachers’ Association conference Annual Conference. Molly College, New York January 2008. Presented; “Meaningful Manipulation of Fractions”
Whitton, Sharon National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Annual conference, Salt Lake City, UT April 2008 Presented, "Probability Laws: Learn them All with Dice Games,"
Whitton, Sharon World Computer Congress in Santiago, Chile Made a presentation and demonstration of the mathematics components of the MSTP project