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Object of Game

The object of the game is to survive for three days and then return to the base camp. To accomplish this goal, the team must create a shelter and then modify the shelter two times to withstand three different conditions.

  • First Night: Cold weather
  • Second Night: Cold weather and wind forces
  • Third Night: Cold weather, wind forces, and snow load.

They must venture out from their temporary camp location to find supplies they need to survive. When venturing outside of camp, the team will encounter challenges they must overcome to survive.

  • Create a fire
  • Use a limited number of tranquiller darts (or throw snowballs) to ward off, wolves, polar bears and moose.
  • Determine what materials are best for building a shelter
  • Gather materials to build a shelter  and then create a temporary shelter on the mountain
  • Launch a grappling hook across a ravine to cross it in order to gather supplies needed for the shelter (incorporates rate/velocity trajectory) (I’m not sure that this is a good context to teach about rate/velocity – trajectory, yes, but that may not be all that important in the middle school math or science standards). They could also build a bridge, and since we already have some pretty good bridge KSBs, that might be easier. They could build a simple beam bridge and model the load carrying characteristics. It would have to support one or two team members and the weight of the supplies. The down side is that bridge building is pretty much overdone. Maybe a rope bridge??