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Diversity and Inclusion

Who We Are

In order to create an academic environment that embraces diversity of thought and acceptance of all people, the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication is committed to diversity and inclusivity for all students, faculty, and staff. To this end, it is our mission to nurture a sense of belonging and drive change in the direction of building a culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, not an initiative. We understand that through different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds we create a stronger and more creative academic and social environment that empowers all of us to move the needle of change, promote equality, foster equal access, and eliminate discrimination.

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  • Mario Murillo
  • Robyn Crosby


  • Elisabeth Castera
  • Andrea Fernandes
  • Elena Grande
  • Olivia Kearse   
  • Crystal Lucio-Bermudez
  • Nate Luke
  • Gabriella Varano


  • Sara Hendricks
  • Bruce Avery
  • Russell Chun
  • Nicole Franklin
  • Russ Harbaugh
  • Phil Katzman
  • Vicky Semple
  • Patty Szenher
  • Kristal Zook
  • Ivan Cardona


“In this constantly developing society, it’s important for us to ensure opportunities exist for all. As a student at Hofstra and a resident of New York, I’m glad that organizations such as this one take charge of diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus and in our community.”
-Nathan Luke D.S
MA Public Relations

How to Get Involved

Faculty, staff, students, alumni are welcome to join the LHSC D&I Committee. Here are ways to get involved:

  1. Become a standing member – standing members attend the majority of meetings and actively participate in work groups.
  2. Become a contributing member – contributing members may participate in special projects or work groups, or attend meetings periodically.
  3. Drop-ins welcome – dropping in on D&I Committee meetings are welcomed.
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Herbert School Diversity and Inclusion Committee

What We Do


  • November 2, 2019 –Held a LGBTQ+ training titled, Inclusive Q-mmunity: LGBTQ+ Awareness and Advocacy Training. This was a four-hour training led by Amanda DelGaudio from the Student Leadership & Engagement Office and was attended by twenty-two (22) LHSC faculty and staff.  Each attendee received a Certificate of Completion. (Link to flyer)
  • Committee teamed up with Student Access Services and arranged for two informational training sessions, one for each department. Faculty found sessions to be informative and additional training given in the future.
  • Committee continued to draft, input and organize its Inclusive Voice Media List (formerly, Media Resource List).  This list is a searchable database of videos, films, text, articles, other resources, entered by faculty, staff and students and shared among all. List is currently under review.
  • Communication sent to the entire LHSC community after the killing of George Floyd, and in the wake of the many civil rights protests that swept our nation in the summer.  (June 3, 2020 Statement)


  • The LHSC Diversity Committee officially changed its name to the LHSC Diversity and Inclusion Committee.
  • Distributed School-wide Climate Questionnaire to LHSC students, faculty, and staff to “take the temperature” of the School as it pertained to diversity and inclusivity. 
  • December 2, 2018 – Held a successful full-day “Understanding Bias” workshop for the Herbert School faculty and staff.  Training was led by Elaine Gross and Dr. Sofia Pertuz of ERASE Racism.  Thirty-three (33) faculty and staff attended. (Link to flyer)
  • April 17, 2019 - Held first-ever student-lead LHSC Town Hall title, “We Hear You. Let’s Talk.” moderated by Dr. Sophia Pertuz of ERASE Racism.  Students were able to hand in hand-written recommendations at the end of the town hall, further highlighting the need for actions. (Link to flyer)
  • Drafted searchable Media Resource List for faculty to use as a reference for an array of diverse and inclusive to consider for classroom or other use, also a way to create a community discussion.  List is currently under review.


  • Drafted LHSC Climate Questionnaire.
  • The Lawrence Herbert School Communication’s Diversity Committee formed.  The Committee voted to function as a stand-alone committee, spearheaded by the Dean’s Office, and in May 2018, the Herbert School’s full-time faculty voted in favor to add a Diversity Committee report to the agenda of each LHSC full-faculty/staff meeting.

2019-20 at LHSC