Hofstra University

Master of Fine Arts in Documentary Studies and Production

We are not currently accepting applications for the program

With a full-time, diverse, internationally-recognized faculty, the MFA Documentary Program at Hofstra University's Herbert School of Communication provides students with the critical, analytical and practical tools for producing television, film, radio, and web documentaries. The 45-semester hour program can be completed in two years full-time. Students may also choose to enroll on a part-time basis.

Combining studies and production, the Program reflects a balance between critical inquiry and technical skill, while stressing the importance of aesthetics, ethics and humanistic values through personal, creative expression.

The Program is located on Hofstra's Long Island campus, a nationally-recognized arboretum 25 miles from New York City, and the site of the final Presidential debate in 2008 as well as the second Presidential debate in 2012.

The rigorous and individualized Program is designed to encourage students to discover, develop, and powerfully express their unique creative voice in documentary story-telling. Students produce and direct many short documentaries as well as a longer Thesis Project.

Students are prepared for producing and directing documentaries, production professions and teaching positions at the university level (with the MFA as their terminal degree).

The Program can be tailored to students' needs and interests and taken full-time or part-time.

Contact: Program Director Rodney Hill and RTVF Chair via the MFADocProgram E-mail.