Audio/Radio Production and Studies

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Audio/Radio Production and Studies combines courses in the history and theory of the audio medium with a broad range of production-oriented courses that put an emphasis on the development, creation, marketing and distribution of a wide variety of audio content.

The curriculum prepares students for the transformational developments occurring within traditional radio, and the rapid expansion of the many digital distribution platforms being used today, such as web-radio, podcasts, satellite radio, and smartphone apps used for audio/radio formats.

Hofstra’s radio program features:

  • Award-winning radio professionals as full-time and adjunct faculty;
  • Two fully-functioning broadcast production studios that serve as our teaching classrooms;
  • A state-of-the-art digital audio post-production lab with the latest editing and mixing software;
  • Access to the nationally-recognized, student-run community-licensed radio station, WRHU, where majors in radio produce a wide-range of programming in a real-world media environment serving the Nassau-Suffolk-Queens listening audience;
  • Students majoring in Radio Production and Studies contribute to, the radio area’s very own Internet radio station.

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Professor Dennis Quinn and Professor Mario Murillo, Chair of the RTVF Department, talk about the changes in radio, Hofstra University's Radio Production and Studies program, and the importance of the medium.

Students and faculty of the radio major speak about the Radio Production and Studies program.