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Lawrence Herbert School of Communication

From the Directors

Dear Applicant/Guardian:

We are delighted that you are interested in attending the third Documenting Diversity Summer Workshop at Hofstra University. Offered at no cost to the selected students, this workshop in documentary filmmaking, will run from July 1 through August 3, Monday through Friday, 10am – 4pm. Each participant will be paid a stipend upon completion of their films.

Documenting Diversity brings together students from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds and encourages them to use the medium of film to express their points of view about the similarities and differences that comprise their experiences as emerging adults. Each participant is partnered with another individual with whom they will collaborate in making films about each other. This aspect of the program is unique in that it requires each participant to “step into the shoes” of his/her partner and learn to see another world from the inside out. These collaborations have proven to result in both well-made films and lasting friendships.

Participants will attend writing, directing and producing workshops. They will be trained in the use of video equipment and professional editing software and will be expected to complete their own short documentary video. Faculty and student mentors from Hofstra University will assist them. The completed films will be screened at a public event in Fall 2013.

Our objective is to allow each participant’s creative voice to flourish and to have that voice informed by the diverse community of participants, Hofstra students and faculty that participate in the program. You can expect to walk away with a unique achievement: a professional looking documentary, and relationships that will forever guide your personal and professional development.

William Jennings & Aashish Kumar
Program Co-Directors
Documenting Diversity