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Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program

How to become a CSTEP Member

Students interested in enrolling in the Hofstra University Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program have an option to be a CSTEP member or CSTEP scholar. See guidelines on eligibility. Both scholar and member must meet the following New York State Education Department (NYSED) criteria:

NYSED Criteria

1. NY State Resident
2. Enrolled in a science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) program or pre-licensure field; i.e. accounting, physical therapy, law, etc.
3. Underrepresented student from one of the following groups: African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American or Indian or Alaskan Native OR from other groups who meet the economically disadvantaged criteria as outlined by the NY State Education Department.

CSTEP Member Criteria

1. Meet CSTEP NYSED criteria as listed above.
2. Arrange a meeting with program personnel.
3. Complete CSTEP application and submit it to program personnel.

How to Apply
For an application please visit 013 Hagedorn Hall or call (516) 463-5796.