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Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program
Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)

Student Academic Resources

Textbook Loaner Program

Access to textbooks for classes in areas including biology, chemistry and others.

Laptop Loaner Program

Access to laptop for use throughout semester to help facilitate completion of papers, exams or for classroom notes. Laptops provide internet access whether using Wi-Fi or otherwise.

Center for Educational Access and Success (CEAS) Computer Lab and Printing

Access to computers and printing for classroom reports, homework assignments, resumes and cover letters.

Extended Office Hours

Extended study hours, supplies and equipment are available to students, especially during midterms and finals. Contact staff to learn more.

Internship and Scholarship Database via Blackboard

Gain access to opportunities to attend conferences, apply for scholarships and internships, enrichment programs and job openings.

Student Community Board

Play a significant role in exposing pre-collegiate students to science, technology, engineering and mathematics through creative projects. You will also have opportunities to expose pre-collegiate students to college life as well as volunteer within the local community.

Faculty Networking

Connect with faculty on topics such as study-skill habits, meeting with professors and selecting an internship.