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Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program

CSTEP Summer Transition Program for First-year and Transfer Students

Summer Transition Program
The Summer Transition Program aims to expose students to Hofstra University campus life including services designed to help facilitate student success. Student experiences will be focused on 6 major themes, to include: academic exploration, academic success, community-building, campus engagement, mentorship and student life. This is a three-week academic course designed to engage students in activities and workshops to enhance performance in and outside the classroom. Students will work individually and in groups. Week 1 and 3 take place both online and on campus. Week 2 is the residential component of the program and takes place entirely on campus.

What can I expect from the Summer Transition Program?

Week 1:

The first day starts with orientation on the campus of Hofstra University, where you will meet your peers, upperclassman mentors, staff and faculty. We will explain in greater detail the program and how the themes interplay in your experiences in and outside the classroom. The three days following orientation (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) you will be at home working on biology, chemistry and writing assignments via Blackboard. You will engage and learn with peers and faculty remotely via online chat and Skype video.

Week 2:

Week 2 is the residential component of the transition program, where you work directly with peers, upperclassman mentors, faculty, and support staff. Campus living includes learning in and outside the classroom, including exposure to different teaching and learning styles, while also exploring campus life and student services. Paired with an upperclassman peer-mentor, you’ll experience firsthand one of the essential hallmarks of the program - community-building. Clustered team-building exercises help create a close-knit community of students working together, to be successful in areas including science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Week 3:
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week you will, again, engage in interactive assignments and activities online via Blackboard, discussion boards, where you continue to build upon concepts and ideas introduced earlier. The transition program closes with an induction luncheon, hosted by the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program, where you are installed as a CSTEP member. In many ways this is the beginning of your college experience, given the impending academic school year. We will outline your next steps as you embark upon an enriched college experience leading to graduation, where CSTEP will be there every step of the way.

Is a week of chemistry, biology and writing really going to help me once I start school?

We will explore effective learning and engagement practices leading to your success whether in biology, chemistry, writing or otherwise. The experiences would ideally help solidify your focus on being a successful college student. Access to an established close-knit community of peers, mentors and professors can also help facilitate your success as an individual and college student.

What kind of assignments can I expect during the on-line portion?

The curriculum is delivered through videos, readings and other methods designed to engage students. The content is designed to engage students individually and collectively, through forums promoting learning and community.

Does the CSTEP Program offer additional services throughout the academic school year?

We work extensively with students throughout the academic school year(s) providing services through the following categories:

Summer Transition Program

Academic Support Services

Student Academic Resources

Student Career Development

Graduate School Preparation

Is there a cost to enroll in the program?

The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program is funded through a New York State Department of Education grant and is free to students.

Student testimonials from Summer Transition Program

"My mentor has given me encouragement, helped me with classes, work, studying and was available to answer my questions.”

“Being able to look up to someone for encouragement and motivation.”

“The material that was presented, and the way it was presented, greatly increased my confidence for the upcoming academic semesters, as well as the duration of my academic career.”

"It was better than I thought - it was more hands on and educational which (I) liked.”

“It was a great way to get a head start on adjusting to the atmosphere, environment, workload, and the people in college.”

“It’s a community of people always willing to help you throughout your academic journey.”

Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)