Liberty Partnership Program

LPP Partner School Enrichment Services

Each individual LPP school site implements a unique program depending on needs and resources.  The following are examples of activities at some partner schools:

Goal setting meetings and Personalized Learning Plans (PLP) are a key component of LPP.  Students meet to discuss their goals and develop a plan that is evaluated during one of three annual meetings.  Students also complete an assessment survey to identify areas for improvement.

Counseling, through individual and group meetings, provide students with support and guidance, addressing academic, college, career, and personal concerns.  Themed workshops, such as stress management or study skills, are also made available as needed.

Several schools provide weekly, individual mentoring sessions with a school professional where additional guidance supports student success.  Other schools provide flash mentoring opportunities where students can network and learn from college students and career professionals.

Students are connected to tutoring and academic support in a variety of ways.  Some schools work with Hofstra college student who provide after school tutoring, while others offer extra help or Regents support programs where LPP students are enrolled.

College support is provided through specialized workshops, presentations and field trips. Grade level seminars guide students through all steps of the college admissions process. Visits from college students and to college campuses help students conceptualize college expectations. 

Career support is also provided through classes, presentations and field trips. Professional are invited to schools to speak to students about careers, while trips to local businesses expose student to different work environments.  Workshops introduce students to career theories and professional development topics, such as interview skills.

Other opportunities also expand students’ experiences.  Service learning projects, for example, connect students to the community and develop teamwork skills.  Field trips to museums and Broadway shows broaden students’ understanding of the world around them.