Liberty Partnership Program
Liberty Partnerships Programs (LPP)

Saturday Scholars - Career & Community Engagement

Student Colloquiums

Colloquiums are focused learning experiences. Past examples include student networking with career professionals to discover opportunities and/or perform science experiments like those of CSI technicians.

Laboratory Experiences

Trips to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory engage students in hands-on experiments, operating lab equipment used by science professionals.

Interactive Learning Experiences

Students’ regularly engage in competitions to showcase lessons learned through classes and activities including, for example, robotics or jeopardy-like experiences where a community of students practice answering questions from Regent’s or other exams.

Community and Service Learning

The service learning class affords students an opportunity to learn about the community, create a project and reflect on lessons learned through the interconnectivity of these experiences.

Teacher Assistant Opportunities

Teacher assistant internships are available to returning seniors, developing leadership and professional soft skills for future career endeavors.

Students enrolled in the Saturday Scholars Academy have access to these and other experiences.