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Science and Technology Entry Program
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STEP: Summer Programs

Interactive Summer Programs

STEP participants enroll in internships and classes, during the summer, to explore different careers, through connecting theory and practice. The primary emphasis is on student learning through hands-on experiences. Thematic educational trips, connected to internships, are scheduled throughout the summer, to further enhance learning as well as provide career exposure external to the classroom. The trips also provide information on how the discipline is applied in the real world. Lunch is typically provided throughout the week. Other summer programs are offered in specialized areasincluding math and English.

Summer Scholars Academy

The Summer Scholars Academy is a 4-5 week hands-on thematic internship, designed to expose students to careers in science and technology as well as fields that require pre-licensure. Classes usually start after the 4th of July weekend and are held on the campus of Hofstra University.

Students may participate in hands-on, thematic internships in areas including:

  • Health Career Exploration

    Health Career Exploration

    Discover different health care career fields.

  • Film Production

    Film Production

    Get an introduction to television studio and film production.

  • Forensic Science

    Forensic Science

    Learn how science is used to analyze evidence and establish facts used by the legal system.

  • Law


    Engage students in critical thinking to successfully analyze a court case.

  • Robotics


    Learn how to build, program and control robots.

  • Architecture


    Learn how to design and erect a model building.

  • Food Chemistry

    Food Chemistry

    Learn about the different properties in food and how they interact.

  • Careers in Earth Science

    Careers in Earth Science

    Explore and learn about different careers in the geoscience fields.

2010 Summer Scholars Academy

Hofstra STEP Program Graduates 100 Local Students from Summer Scholars Academy; Program Offers Exposure to Careers in Science and Technology

Hofstra University’s Science and Technology Entry Project (STEP) offered a Summer Scholars Academy, July 6 to 29, 2010, enrolling 100 students in grades 6-12, who have expressed interested in careers in science and technology or those that require pre-licensure... | more |

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