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Certification and Educational Support Services

Examination for Information Retrieval (EIR)

The Examination for Information Retrieval (EIR) is a one-hour paper-and-pencil test (21 multiple-choice questions) demonstrating student's ability of processing, indexing, querying, organization, and classification of textual documents, including hypertext documents available on the world-wide-web, as well as student’s knowledge of copyright and fair use. The exam may be taken to waive the CSC 005, Overview of Computer Science, or LIBR 001, Introduction to Library and Information Technology, requirement for undergraduate students matriculated in the School of Education and to fulfill the Information Retrieval requirement for graduate students applying for New York State Initial certificate. The passing score is 70. The exam may only be taken once. EIR preparation material may be obtained from the Office of Educational Support Services located in Hagedorn Hall, room 233. Students must schedule their exam within two weeks of receiving the overview.

Please call (516) 463-5747 or e-mail Liudmila Patokina in the Office of Educational Support Services to schedule the exam.