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Office of Professional Development Services

Professional Development Planning Checklist


  • _____ Create a planning committee or group to guide the conference or workshop development process.
  • _____ Choose a theme and/or focus for the event.
  • _____ Identify participant/attendees and project possible numbers.
  • _____ Generate a list of prospective speakers and workshop leaders for the conference.
  • _____ Discuss possible donors who might be able to contribute to underwriting conference/workshops in order to keep registration costs down to participants.
  • _____ Set up a meeting with the OPDS to discuss progress to date, and discuss the following details:
    • _____ Space needs for conference/workshop.
    • _____ Publicity:
      • _____ "Save the Date" flyer
      • _____ Brochure and/or flyer development
      • _____ Target audience for publicity
      • _____ Mailing/distribution timetable
      • _____ Responsibility for mailing/distribution
    • _____ Develop preliminary budget.
    • _____ Hour-by-hour itinerary for conference.
    • _____ Meal/food plans initially designed.
    • _____ Initiate requests for audiovisual services and layout of large group meeting areas.
  • _____ Track final details of the conference/workshop until event
  • _____ Monitor registrants and make final adjustment in food order and in physical arrangements for all facilities to be used.
  • _____ Confer with OPDS to discuss conference registration on the day of the event and any support that the planning group should provide for a smooth check in process.
  • _____ Confirm any final changes in audiovisual support for the conference/ workshop.
  • _____ On the day of the conference/workshop, check in frequently with OPDS personnel to ensure that all aspects of the event are proceeding according to plan.
  • _____ After the conference/workshop is over, contact the OPDS to discuss any details that require attention before the books are officially closed for the event.

Printable Check List [PDF]